ZMA-5 (by SNAC): Review


As a man ages, his natural testosterone production slows down. This doesn’t necessarily have to be attributed to lifestyle choices because this is just the way the human body operates. Once testosterone production falls, and there is less testosterone roaming around the body, this can cause a number of new health issues to surface. Low testosterone, or hypogonadism as it is medically termed is a growing condition that can cause lack of motivation, lack of energy and strength, depleted muscle mass, depleted sex drive, and the list just goes on.

Up until recently, low testosterone had been treated using one form of testosterone replacement therapy or another. But due to recent bad press, testosterone replacement therapy is being shunned by men because they much rather prefer something safer.

Enter natural testosterone supplements. This market has seen a massive boom in the last five years or so, and their popularity continues to rise. Natural testosterone supplements contain ingredients that are designed to encourage the body to start producing more of its own testosterone, as opposed to synthetic versions of the hormone being pumped into the body, as is the case with testosterone replacement therapy.

ZMA-5 by SNAC is just one example of the emergence of new products being introduced to this market on almost a daily basis. Apparently this supplement is more than your average ZMA blend because it also contains 5-HTP. The manufacturer describes this product as “the next generation recovery and sleep support.”

Are ZMA-5 Ingredients Effective?

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) is concerned with neurotransmitters synthesis, namely, hemoglobin, and histamine. This vitamin is vital for numerous functions inside the human body and when it is combined with magnesium and zinc, it has shown to enhance absorption.

Vitamin B9 (as Folic Acid) has shown to provide positive effects on testosterone (maintaining levels) but in terms of enhancing this hormone, there appears to be very little evidence.

Magnesium (as Aspartate) is a type of mineral that works to trigger numerous reactions inside the body including maintaining the cardiovascular system, managing the metabolism, and maintaining healthy bones. One study in particular noted that magnesium is a great aid for supporting muscular strength.

Zinc (as Monomethionine and Aspartate) is an essential mineral that is known to be a powerful antioxidant. Repeated studies have shown that men with healthy zinc intakes nearly always had healthy testosterone levels, whereas men with poor zinc intakes usually displayed signs of low testosterone.

5-HTP (as Griffonia Simplicifolia) is a precursor to serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that dictates a person’s happiness. This ingredient has shown to increase serotonin levels because it bypasses the rate-limiting step. 5-HTP has shown to enhance sleep, and according to this study, it can significantly reduce night terrors.

Bioperine® Black Pepper Extract is derived from black peppers and its use in health supplements is on the rise due to its remarkable ability to aid the body’s absorption capabilities.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

I couldn’t find any significant side effects associated with using this product.



Is ZMA-5 Adequately Priced?

ZMA-5 is definitely a bit more than your average ZMA formula. Not only does this product also contain BioPerine which many competing brands don’t feature, it also contains 5-HTP which is a great sleep aid and mood enhancer. But purely in terms of testosterone enhancement, I strongly feel that the price tag of $55.42 is not adequate.

ZMA-5 Verdict

ZMA-5 (by SNAC): Review3Dr Spring2017-01-18 09:30:40As a man ages, his natural testosterone production slows down. This doesn’t necessarily have to be attributed to lifestyle choices because this is j…
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