Z-CORE PM (By MusclePharm): Review


What does Z-Core PM Test Do?

Z-Core PM can best be described as an “anabolic mineral support formula weighed fenugreek”.

Z-Core PM has been developed by the world-famous supplements developer known as MusclePharm.

The main focus ingredient is fenugreek and the primary goal of this product is to build muscle.

The official website makes anumber of claims about this product including its ability to “support natural testosterone levels, muscle strength and recovery…promotes deep, restful sleep and recovery…supports sexual health”.

Furthermore the official website states that athletes and professionals need to maximise their sleep to help them avoid negative effects of sleep deprivation.

It is true to suggest that effective sleep patterns bring along with it a whole array of benefits that include supporting healthy testosterone levels which inevitably lead to more comprehensive muscle growth as well as recovery.

Z-Core PM, according to its manufacturer, helps to bring the much needed extra edge that will help the body recover from intense workouts.

The website states “you wake up ready to take the next workout through the roof, as well as attack the day with levels of energy like you’ve never felt before”.

Testosterone Increase From using Z-Core PM

As with all of our supplement reviews, we arranged for 10 volunteers to use this product for a period of 28 days.

We made sure that none of these individuals had ever used testosterone boosting supplements prior to this trial.

Our medical physician performed the appropriate blood tests before the commencement of the trial period, as well as after the 28 days.

When the results came back, we were pretty impressed by this product in terms of its testosterone boosting capabilities.

Half of the individuals had their testosterone increase by a respectable 35%, whereas the remaining half saw their testosterone levels increase between 20% and 30%.

Although the testosterone boosting performance of this product may not the best that we have seen, nevertheless it is sufficient enough.

Strength Increase From Using Z-Core PM

As with all of our reviews, we chose to use the bench-press exercise to measure any increases in strength that may have occurred in our 10 subjects.

Z-Core PM continued to impress in this regard because the average increase in strength (when performing the bench-press exercise) was between 30 and 40%.

Just like the testosterone increase test, Z-Core PM continues to impress in this regard.

Effective Fat Burn

In terms of its fat burning capabilities, Z-Core PM was very disappointing.

Not a single individual experienced any notable fat loss/weight loss.

We weighed and measured all 10 individuals and can confirm this to be the case.

Therefore if you are looking for a well rounded and comprehensive testosterone booster that will help you to build muscle and increase your strength, as well as help you to burn body fat, this product leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Is It Side Effect Free?

In terms of side-effects, three individuals experienced mild outbreaks of acne as well as itchy backs.

One individual experienced intermittent morning sickness over the 28 day period, and two individuals experienced feelings of “nervousness”.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredients in this product include zinc, which is known to have a broad range of physiological as well as metabolic benefits, magnesium, which is believed to support free and total testosterone levels in the body, copper, which works synergistically alongside zinc, fenugreek which is a great aid in helping to support sexual health, and finally melatonin, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and also helps to promote better sleep.

It is safe to suggest that none of these ingredients can be considered to be dangerous for frequent human consumption.

That is not to say that they will not change their “normal” behaviour once they become mixed up with one another.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can pick up a month’s supply of Z-Core PM for around $28.76.

This may seem cheap on the face of it but when you take into account the number of side-effects that our volunteers experienced, that assumption is easily changed.

Therefore we believe that the price tag is not adequately priced.

The Verdict

Z-CORE PM (By MusclePharm): Review2Dr Spring2013-12-25 11:36:38What does Z-Core PM Test Do?
Z-Core PM can best be described as an “anabolic mineral support formula weighed fenugreek”.

Z-Core PM has been de…

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