VITRIX (By Nutrex): Review


What does Vitrix do?

Vitrix is described as a “natural testosterone support with tribulus and NTS-5”. It has been developed by the well-known supplements developer known as Nutrex. Vitrix is apparently a supercharged sexual health support formula which utilizes “advanced technology”, as well as fast absorbing liquid capsules that allow for superior delivery.

Vitrix boasts of an extensive seven-year track record, which according to the manufacturer has “many satisfied customers”. The manufacturer claims that Vitrix is one of America’s most “sought after liquid capsule sexual health supporting supplement”, which “helps you to be ready when it really counts”.

Vitrix was first launched seven years ago, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after sexual health supported supplements ever seen in America. According to the manufacturer, one of the reasons for its popularity is because it works fast.

It features a number of ingredients that may be effective in terms of libido and sexual health enhancement, but their effectiveness in testosterone enhancement remains to be scrutinized. According to Nutrex, Vitrix is not a steroid, nor is it a hormone because it works alongside your body and features natural ingredients that are designed to assist your body and enhancing its sexual health and performance.

What’s more, Vitrix does not need to be cycled, which is ideal if you are looking for a product that you can use all year round.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

The main ingredients in Vitrix include Tribulus Terrestris. This is essentially a type of plant that has been used for generations for its male vitality and virility qualities. This ingredient is known to enhance the libido, as well as sexual well-being. Unfortunately, tribulus does not have any influence on testosterone levels whatsoever, despite numerous claims contrary to this.

There have been many rodent studies carried out on tribulus, and they have confirmed its ability to increase sexual well-being, as well as enhanced the quality of erections. One thing to note is that tribulus does not enhance any type of “sports performance”, nor does it increase power outputs, which are important benefits when testosterone levels are enhanced.

Another featured ingredient in Vitrix is Eurycoma Longfolia Jack, or better known as LongJack, which is also recognized for its fertility enhancement, as well as its offerings of various aphrodisiac benefits. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that LongJack may also be effective in helping to suppress estrogen.

It is also believed that LongJack may provide protective effects on the testicles. Despite many claims from different quarters about its testosterone enhancement properties, there is no evidence to suggest that LongJack has any bearing on testosterone levels.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Apart from stubborn erections, which have been the cause of embarrassment with some people, we have been unable to uncover any other side-effects that people may have suffered from after using this product.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can buy Vitrix for around $49.98 for 180 capsules.  When taking into account the lack of testosterone enhancement that this product provides, we would suggest that this product is not adequately priced.

The Verdict

VITRIX (By Nutrex): Review3Dr Spring2014-03-18 15:19:46What does Vitrix do?
Vitrix is described as a “natural testosterone support with tribulus and NTS-5”. It has been developed by the well-known sup…
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