VIRMAX T (By Natural Products Solutions): Review


What does VirMax T do?

VirMax T is a fairly new testosterone booster that is focused towards the slightly older man.  VirMax T is designed to help you maintain healthy testosterone levels.

VirMax T is a once a day supplement, meaning that it is hassle free to take on a daily basis.

This supplement helps users to combat low energy levels, joint pain and a fading sex drive.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

The main ingredients in VirMax T include magnesium. Magnesium is a vital tool that aids free and total testosterone, as well as promoting healthier muscle relaxations. Zinc is essential for the long-term maintenance of healthy testosterone levels.

Zinc on its own is not enough to elevate testosterone levels and bring them back into the “healthy” range.

VirMax T also contains tribulus terrestris. Tribulus is a type of herb from the Ayurveda plant family. It has long been used to aid male health, including urogenital, and cardiovascular well-being. Tribulus consists of its roots and fruits, and both are said to be effective in promoting male vitality and virility.

Despite many claims suggesting that tribulus is a potent testosterone enhancer, clinical tests have revealed that it actually has no bearing on testosterone levels whatsoever.

Nevertheless, it is widely acknowledged that tribulus plays an important role in helping to boost the libido.

TongKat Ali, or better known as LongJack is a powerful herb that helps to promote fertility, as well as providing important aphrodisiac benefits to men who may be suffering from a low sex drive.

More recently, new emerging scientific evidence suggests that LongJack may also possess strong anti-estrogenic properties.

More importantly, there is a serious lack of evidence to back claims suggesting that LongJack is effective in enhancing testosterone levels. Clinical studies have suggested that LongJack provides protective effects on the testicles, and may even offer a preservation of testosterone in males suffering from stress.

But there is certainly no evidence to suggest that it has any influence on increasing testosterone levels.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

Minor side-effects include difficulty sleeping at night, and greasy skin.

Is It Adequately Priced?

VirMax T contains a number of clinically proven testosterone enhancing ingredients including magnesium, and zinc. However, these two agents are not sufficient to provide effective testosterone enhancement without the aid of more powerful ingredients.

VirMax T features tribulus terrestris, which science suggests, provides no influence on testosterone levels in any shape or form, despite many absurd claims that you may have heard.

LongJack, which is also quite often touted as an effective testosterone enhancer, and this notion is also “struck down” by scientific tests that have revealed its ineffectiveness in this purpose.

The best possible effects you could expect from using a product like VirMax T would be an improvement to the libido.

VirMax T is also responsible for a very small number of side-effects that some people have experienced. Taking all of this into consideration, the $24.22 price tag cannot be adequate.

The Verdict

VIRMAX T (By Natural Products Solutions): Review2.75Dr Spring2013-07-24 12:34:39What does VirMax T do?
VirMax T is a fairly new testosterone booster that is focused towards the slightly older man.  VirMax T is designed to help y…
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