UNLEASHED (By Protein Factory): Review


What does Unleashed Do?

Unleashed works in a number of different ways.

Firstly, it helps to increase testosterone levels in a natural manner.  Secondly, this supplement is perfect for “post-cycle therapy”, thirdly, it helps to increase the libido, and finally Unleashed is described as an exceptional “strength increaser”.  This product has been developed by the up-and-coming supplements manufacturer known as “Protein Factory”.

According to the manufacturer, no matter how hard supplement manufacturers try to convince you that their product will provide you the same effects as steroids (in terms of the elevation of testosterone levels), this is simply not true.  Apparently, Unleashed works on different principles.

This product helps to rejuvenate the body’s natural testosterone because “you already have it”.

The website states that your testosterone is mostly “dormant”, and when Unleashed is used, the “dormant” testosterone comes to life.  Unleashed has been on the market for around five years and at the time it set a new standard.

But today, Unleashed is the standard by which all other testosterone boosting supplements and measured.

Testosterone Increase from using Unleashed

As with all of for our reviews, we arranged for 10 volunteers to use Unleashed but 28 days.

We ensured that none of the volunteers had previously used a testosterone boosting supplement prior to this trial.  Our in-house medical professional performed two blood tests to measure any increases in testosterone levels that may have occurred during this period.

The first blood test was carried out just before the commencement of this trial, and the second blood test was performed on the 28th day.  This allowed Unleashed enough time to take effect.

On average, the 10 volunteers experienced an increase in their testosterone levels by 19.7%.

Strength Increase from Using Unleashed

We utilized the bench press exercise to try and determine whether any increases in strength took place during the 28 day period.  This test was conducted on the final day.

On average, our volunteers experienced a 15.7% increase in the weight that they were able to push during this exercise.  When you compare this to some of the other testosterone boosters that we have reviewed on this site, Unleashed has proven itself to be a poor contender in this regard.

Fat Burn from Using Unleashed

Again, Unleashed continue to disappoint in terms of its fat burning capabilities.

Four volunteers experienced very minor fat loss during the 28 day period.  We weighed and measured all 10 individuals and can confirm this.

If you are looking for a well rounded testosterone booster that is effective in all areas including muscle growth, muscle strength increase, libido enhancement, and fat burning capabilities, Unleashed leaves a lot to be desired.

Is It Side Effect Free?

None of the volunteers experienced any major side-effects during this trial.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredients in Unleashed include Avena Sativa, Muara Puama, Trimethyglycine, Xanthoparmilia Scabrosa, Urtica dioica, and Ashwagandh.

All of these ingredients are considered to be safe for frequent human consumption.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can purchase one month’s supply of Unleashed for $29.89.  The price tag is modest when compared to some of the other testosterone boosters.  Best of all, there are no side-effects from using this product.

As a testosterone supplement, Unleashed is weak, therefore the it is NOT adequatly priced.

The Verdict

UNLEASHED (By Protein Factory): Review2Dr Spring2014-01-28 10:00:33What does Unleashed Do?
Unleashed works in a number of different ways.

Firstly, it helps to increase testosterone levels in a natural manner.  Se…

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