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It comes as no surprise that testosterone levels are lower than what they were in the 1980s.

Recent research has indicated that they are up to 25% lower than what they were during that period.

We know for a fact that in the absence of the right amount of testosterone, a man becomes a shadow of his former self.

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Physical problems subsequently develop, feelings of physical weakness prevail, the probability of impotence creeping in increases, and the brain becomes more docile.

Studies have revealed that men suffering from low testosterone are more likely to become obese, develop diabetes, and suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The writing is on the wall, the average man’s testosterone levels are considerably lower than his ancestors’.

In this article, we will explore the common causes of depleting testosterone levels, and what steps can be taken to counter these deficiencies.


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You’ve probably not heard of this before, but a lot of plastic food containers contain this chemical element.

Once the container is heated, Bisphonel-B is excreted.

One study revealed that factory workers who were exposed to Bisphonel-A suffered from low testosterone, as well as androstendione.

Furthermore, a leading fertility clinic revealed that over 80% of men using their services had this chemical compound in their urine.

The same individuals also had low levels of thyroid stimulating hormone, which is responsible for regulating the metabolism.

It is advisable to avoid drinking from plastic bottles, instead, you should opt to use glass.

Soy Products

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Men should avoid eating soy-based products at all costs.

According to a recent study carried out by Howard University, soy products contributed to a low sperm count.

A comparison was made between two groups, where one group consumed soy-based foods, and the other group consumed soy-free foods.

The group that avoided soy-based foods possessed significantly higher amount of sperm than their counterparts.

The same study also found that individuals who were overweight, had the lowest sperm count of the lot!


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Most beers are rich in hops.

Hops are estrogenic in nature, and are currently being studied to treat hot flashes in women undergoing their menopause.

To enjoy optimal testosterone levels, it would be advisable to avoid alcohol at all costs.

But this is unlikely to happen because alcohol has become a part of life, and for some people it would be inconceivable to go without.

Research has shown that even something as little as two drinks a day can deplete your testosterone levels.

Save your alcohol consumption for the weekends, and stick to soda during the week!

Sleep Deprivation

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Lack of sleep is a massive problem.

Sleep can be hindered by any number of factors including exams, work deadlines, meetings, relationship problems, insomnia, other health issues, and general stress.

Sleep deprivation causes cortisol levels to rise, which in turn drain testosterone.

Sleep dependency varies, depending on age.

For younger men, staying up during the first half of the night will not impact testosterone levels all that much.

However, for the older men, who are already accustomed to secreting less testosterone during the night, sleep deprivation will mean even lower testosterone levels in the morning.

Stress Is a Killer

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Stress is one of the biggest factors to affect testosterone levels, as well as overall health.

Stress should be avoided at all costs, even if this means cutting out people that cause stress in your life.

Undergoing stress can make a man uncompetitive, lose assertion, and ultimately less able to conceive.

Stress produces the stress hormone, known as cortisol which is produced by the adrenaline glands, and this ultimately cancels the effects of testosterone.

Stressful situations cause the body to go into “crisis mode”, and this ultimately means that you are constantly in a fight or flight mode.

A study noted that men with high testosterone and lower cortisol levels were more likely to demand a rematch after losing in a competitive sport than men with high cortisol levels, and low testosterone.

A further study noted that stress definitively decreases testosterone by increasing a hormone to inhibit testosterone production.

This hormone is commonly referred to as the gonadotropin- inhibiting hormone.

The pituitary gland produces this hormone and it behaves much like a conductor in an orchestra by controlling the whole endocrine mechanism.


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You’ve probably heard this a million times but one in three Americans is clinically obese.

One of the problems you can add to obesity is low testosterone, along with diabetes, heart disease, as well as many other health issues.

One study looking into obese men suffering from under active testicular functions found that more than 40% of these individuals had below average testosterone levels.

Other conditions can also affect testosterone including diabetes, which also contributes to obesity.

For younger men, who should be in their prime, and if their reproductive system is plagued with obesity and diabetes, are 50% more likely to suffer from low testosterone levels.

Fatty tissues contain enzymes called aromatase that work to convert testosterone into estrogen.

The bottom line is if you want sufficient testosterone levels, you need to shed the fact.


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Your body is able to function thanks to vitamins and minerals that it uses to help produce testosterone.

The most important of these is zinc.

Typical foods known to be rich in zinc include beef, shellfish and pork, as well as certain poultry foods.

Vitamin E and vitamin C act as antioxidants protecting the zinc from various exposures.

You probably remember the 1990s, when low-fat diets were extremely popular, but their popularity soon faded because it was discovered that they caused testosterone levels to drop.

The point here is that eating fats is essential in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Sexual Activities

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Did you know that when a man stares at an attractive woman, he is inducing an increase in this testosterone?

One study looking at this possibility involved men attending a strip joint, and on average experienced a 36% increase in their testosterone.

I am in no way encouraging you to attend a strip joint or any undesirable behavior, all I’m saying is that thinking about sex is a healthy male phenomenon that should not be frowned upon.

And Finally…

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Another safe way of bringing your testosterone levels back up to scratch is by using a natural testosterone supplement.

These supplements are safe to use because they contain natural ingredients and simply encourage your body to produce more of its own hormone, as opposed to testosterone replacement therapies which involve pumping synthetic testosterone into the body.

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  • Overcome Fatigue
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