TESTRON SX (By Nutraceutics): Review


With age, the body naturally undergoes a number of changes that leaves many things less than satisfying including sex life, body composition, and overall mood. Many of these things can be attributed directly to a diminished testosterone production mechanism inside the body. When testosterone production begins to drop, the effects are not just psychological, but also physical. Remember that it is testosterone that made your body virile in your younger days but as you age, your testosterone tends to bind to globulins instead of blood.

When testosterone levels are healthy, they tend to be a vital source of energy, sexual virility and stamina. But the moment levels fall, most men experience fatigue, lack of muscle mass, an increase in body fat, and a rock bottom sex drive.

Testron SX by Nutraceutics is described as an adaptagen complex that is designed to “support testosterone output and increase strength”.

Are Testron SX Ingredients Effective?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of ingredients in Testron SX are hidden behind a proprietary blend, namely, the “TSX Blend”. The problem with proprietary blends is that the precise amount of each ingredient is not disclosed.

Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris L) Extract (Aerial Part) Over 45% Steroidal Sapnons is a type of herb belonging to the Ayurveda family. It’s long been used in traditional medicine to help promote male virility and vitality. During trials, it has shown to enhance the libido, but when it comes to testosterone enhancement, effects remain a matter of debate.

Below is a sample of four studies, out of which only one saw increases in testosterone:

Study 1: two female subjects were administered with 500 mg of this ingredient, and no changes to testosterone were apparent.

Study 2: 22 male subjects, elite rugby players to be more specific were administered with 450 mg of tribulus on a daily basis over the course of 5 weeks, and no apparent changes to testosterone occurred.

Study 3: 21 male subjects were administered 10 mg per every kilogram of body weight of tribulus over the course of 24 days, and no apparent changes in testosterone occurred.

Study 4: 63 male subjects were administered with 6 g of tribulus on a daily basis over the course of six months. Trivial increases in testosterone occurred but not enough to reach statistical significance.

TSX Blend:

Sarsaparilla (Smilex Medica Root) is a type of plant that’s root is used in medicine. Common uses include helping to treat psoriasis, as well as other skin diseases. This ingredient is also associated with helping to treat kidney disease, increase urination, and alleviate fluid retention. Some athletes use this ingredient as a steroid for performance enhancement, especially bodybuilders. Some supplement manufacturers who utilize this ingredient in their products claim that sterols contained in this ingredient can be converted into anabolic steroids, just like testosterone. Nevertheless, testosterone has never been detected in this plant that is far.

Proteusterone® (Dioscorea Villosa)(Root) is a type of species of yam and is suspected of helping to alleviate symptoms of menopause, however there is little clinical evidence to support this at present. In animal studies, this ingredient has shown to increase skin thickness. But in terms of any major interaction with the hormones, I was unable to find anything of the sort.

Oatstraw (Avena Sativa) Extract (Herb) is suspected of helping to increase luteinizing hormone levels. Unfortunately at present, there is very little evidence in terms of clinical studies to substantiate this idea.

Muira Puama Ptychopetalum Olacoides) Extract (Woods And Roots) is commonly found in parts of Brazil and is known to help enhance sexual function, especially in older men. It’s long been used to help aid vitality, act as a nerve tonic, a sexuality enhancer, as well as helping to treat chronic degenerative nervous ailments. In terms of hormonal interaction, at present there isn’t much evidence to show anything of the sort.

Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Extract (Root) also known as stinging nettle is a horrid plant to touch but oral ingestion seems to provide a number of benefits including helping to alleviate certain allergies. But purely in terms of testosterone enhancement, or any other hormone for that matter, there doesn’t seem to be much information or evidence to suggest that it plays any major role.

L-Leucine HCL is one of the three branched chain amino acids. Its benefits include muscle building.

Ginger (Zingiberis Officinale) Extract (Rhizomes) is commonly used to help alleviate upset stomachs, nausea, motion sickness, and vomiting. According to one report, certain herbal/diet supplements seem to contain harmful impurities/additives.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

Apart from the side-effects associated with ginger, I was unable to identify any other worrying ill effects.

Is Testron SX Adequately Priced?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the ingredients in Testron SX are hidden behind a proprietary blend, making it almost impossible to fully establish just how effective they are in this particular product.

Moreover, I cannot see any out and out testosterone enhancing ingredients such as fenugreek, D aspartic acid, zinc or anything of the sort that would convince me that this product will definitely benefit my testosterone levels.

Although the price tag of $17.98 seems very reasonable on the face of it, but if you’re not going to experience any real testosterone enhancement, then it’s pointless even spending the 17 bucks, because you’re not getting much in return.

Taking these factors into account, I would say that Testron SX is not adequately priced.

Testron SX Verdict

TESTRON SX (By Nutraceutics): Review2.5Dr Spring2016-10-31 12:54:15With age, the body naturally undergoes a number of changes that leaves many things less than satisfying including sex life, body composition, and over…
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