TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTS: How Can They Help The Situation?

In the United States alone, between 2 and 4 million men suffer from low testosterone.

The medical term for this problem is “hypogonadism.

Low testosterone is a problem which is progressive in nature because it gets worse with age.

Testosterone supplements

This condition can also affect men at a young age for a variety of reasons, and it is thought that no more than 5% of men with this condition are currently undergoing any kind of treatment to help alleviate symptoms.

And this is despite the boom in testosterone replacement therapies, and other testosterone products in recent years.

According to medical professionals, the surge in testosterone products is not necessarily a good thing, especially testosterone replacement therapies, which are only appropriate for men with below normal testosterone levels, and who don’t suffer from any other medical conditions that could be aggravated by testosterone.

Testosterone-use by the men with perfectly normal levels can be quite hazardous.

On the other hand, men who display symptoms of hypogonadism and choose to ignore the problem, because they mistake it for a normal part of ageing, is also risky.

Men experiencing low t levels could…

Experience symptoms such as:

The testosterone industry has suddenly become enormous, and this has led to a potentially dangerous rise in the unregulated sales of various testosterone supplements.

It is far too easy for men to get hold of under-the-counter prescriptions for testosterone, allowing them to abuse this important hormone because it will momentarily help them feel younger and stronger.

Although testosterone is extremely important to male health, not many people truly understand its functions and there are many misconceptions, which include:

Shots Can Elevate This Hormone

testosterone shots

By “shots” it is assumed that a person may be talking about testosterone shots, which form part of testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy offers a number of methods undergoing the treatment including patches, injections, pills, shots, and even pellets.

Therefore the above conception is entirely false because all of the mentioned methods are pretty much equally as effective as the other.

Low T Affects Old Men

low testosterone

This is again false.

Although it’s true that you are more likely to suffer from low testosterone if you are older, this condition can affect men of any age, and this includes teenagers.

Certain medical conditions such as varicoceles can lead to certain genetic problems that can cause below normal testosterone.

Testosterone does not help to improve fertility.

The amount of testosterone that athletes use to enable better athletic performance will actually have the opposite effect.

The surge in extra testosterone can sometimes sterilize a man, causing his testicles to shrink.

ED Drugs Work Despite Low T

erectile dysfunction

A number of studies have shown that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra works best when testosterone levels are within the normal range.

Testosterone provides the “urge” to have sex, and all erectile dysfunction drugs are devoid of this.

Low T Can Cause Depression


This is a first statement in our list which is not false.

Depression is only part of the story.

In actual fact, depression can actually lower testosterone levels.

Most men don’t recognize the signs of depression, and will be reluctant to seek help, and this is a major problem on its own.

Studies have shown that by bringing testosterone levels back to the “normal” range can quite often alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Furthermore, certain depression alleviating treatments such as psychotherapy and anti-depressant medication have shown to elevate testosterone levels.

Testosterone Supplements Are FDA Approved

FDA approved?

This is not true.

The FDA does not regulate…

…the sale of products that contain compounds that convert into testosterone once they enter the body.

Testosterone treatments, especially testosterone replacement therapy should only be undertaken under strict medical supervision, to ensure that testosterone levels are increased back into the “normal” range, and no further.

The terminology has…


…become very generic, because it can refer to a wide number of things including anabolic steroids, testosterone replacement therapy, and natural testosterone supplements.

Depending on what you choose to use will determine just how safe you will be.

Obesity and Hormonal Correlation


This is in fact wrong.

Body fat behaves like a sponge, and it absolves testosterone from the blood, causing libido and energy deficiencies.

This applies even more when the fat is situated around the belly.

Fatty deposits around the thighs and buttocks are known to be less-draining of testosterone.

Exercise Can Elevate T Levels


There is little doubt that moderate exercise can raise testosterone levels, however more extreme exercise regimes can actually trigger a drop in the hormone.

Interestingly, low testosterone levels can make it harder for a person to exercise which could lead to periods of inactivity.

T Is Really Not Complicated!


Although it is true that testosterone plays a major role in male health and fertility, achieving normal healthy testosterone levels must be done in the correct way.

The old saying “knowledge is power” is very true, because for you to fully understand how you can safely and effectively replenish your testosterone levels, all you need to do is conduct a little research.

Low T can be caused by…

…any number of factors including tumors on the pituitary gland, testicular complications, infections, injuries, as well as being overweight.

Just to reiterate, excess body fat will work to break down testosterone, inevitably leading to a deficiency.

Fat stored around the belly in particular is the biggest trigger to testosterone-to-estrogen conversion, which is a primary female hormone.

A recent discovery found a link between hypogonadism and diabetes.

There is a strong link between impaired glucose tolerance, a typical feature of diabetes, and low testosterone levels.

High blood sugar levels, or low insulin levels are manifestations of diabetes which can harm the cells inside the testicles, which are responsible for creating this all important hormone.

A recent study featuring more than 200 men seem to confirm this finding.

Diabetes and Low T Connection

The exact opposite can also happen, because low testosterone levels can actually decrease insulin sensitivity, triggering a muscle mass reduction, which in turn makes the diabetes even worse.

Diabetes is a steadily rising health problem in the developed world, and the emergence of hypogonadism which is associated with this disorder is likely to become prevalent in the coming years.

Best Way To Increase T-Levels?

Testosterone best way to increase testosterone?

If you are over 25

…and want to gain more muscle mass, but feel sluggish, and experience energy zap almost every day, despite working out in the gym religiously and not achieving the results that you deserve, using a natural testosterone supplement may be the best answer.

Natural Products Can Be Useful

AKA testosterone boosters, help to promote testosterone production inside the body in a natural manner, leading to a better overall mood, more energy, and less body fat, among a whole list of other benefits.

Because they are designed with…

…just one thing in mind and that is to stimulate your body in the right way so it produces more testosterone.

Safer than pumping dangerous hormones…

This is the key difference between a natural testosterone boosting supplement and an anabolic steroid.

It is important for our readers to understand the fact that testosterone supplements have absolute no connection to steroids within the body.

A natural product will…

…aid the production of testosterone by helping to increase it.

The moment you start searching for a testosterone supplement online, you will come across hundreds, if not thousands of reviews and choices.

There are a number of products that are created from the highest quality natural ingredients, which will provide optimum results in the safest possible manner.

Many products out there make…

…“pretty tall claims” but actually don’t deliver the results that they promise.

This is where our testosterone supplements reviews come in handy, because you are presented with a wealth of information on almost every product available on the market today.

From the manufacturer’s reputation, all the way down to the finest detail, breaking down all of the ingredients into small segments and providing a comprehensive analysis, backed by actual scientific studies, will help you become savvier on the subject, and ultimately allow you to make an “informed” choice on what type of product may be right for you.

These supplements are much safer than say… testosterone injections, which involves pumping in synthetic (man-made, lab created) testosterone into the body which immediately signals to the testes that they are no longer required to produce testosterone any more.

Testosterone supplements are also much safer than the medically prescribed testosterone pills, because they don’t actually contain any testosterone; they simply encourage the body to produce more of the hormone.

As highlighted earlier, natural testosterone supplements are not approved by the FDA, and are freely available across the Internet, and are even stocked by high-profile, reputable online retailers such as bodybuilding.com, and gnc.

But before deciding on taking the plunge and making a purchase, get your head round the concept by reading a handful of reviews.

How will I Benefit?

The benefits

There are many benefits from using a natural booster, in particular for maturing men, because your sex drive and libido will return (accompanied by rock-hard erections), as well as your as energy levels and overall general health.

You will also enjoy a more uplifted mood, which in turn, will bring out your inner confidence which will be obvious for everyone to see.

For bodybuilders and athletes, you will enjoy increased muscle mass and burn body fat at the same time.

Best of all, you will have to undergo incredibly short recovery times in between workout sessions.

By using a good quality testosterone supplement will allow your body to build new muscle tissue instantly.

You will notice a dramatic increase in strength and size.

What do They Contain?


Most quality testosterone supplements contain high quality ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid which is a type of amino acid that helps to regulate a testosterone synthesis, as well as enhancing male fertility.

D-Aspartic Acid

Clinically proven to increase testosterone levels and this fact is backed by clinical trials.

Vitamin D

Another potent booster ingredient that not only enhances testosterone levels, but it is also considered to be a healthy nutrient which is rich in anti-cancer properties.


A widely used ingredient, sometimes added to bread is a recognized libido enhancer, is known to have the remarkable ability to suppress the diabetic symptoms.

Clinical evidence exists which points to the fact that fenugreek is extremely effective in enhancing testosterone levels.

Look out for other effective ingredients…

Including Mucuna Pruriens, Nettle Root Extract, Bioperine, Zinc, Oyster Extract, Magnesium, Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin K2.

You will find more information about these ingredients and what they are effective for by reading our supplement reviews.

It is very important for a good testosterone supplements to possess estrogen-suppressing qualities.

As the body’s testosterone levels increase, so do the estrogen levels which essentially means that the body may not necessarily be in a more anabolic state, yet the susceptibility to side effects from the increase of estrogen also increase.

We recommend that you shop around when looking for a good testosterone supplements and try to ensure that they contain estrogen suppressing agents such as white button mushroom , I-3-C, resveratrol and 6-bormo.

By ensuring that the above are contained in your chosen testosterone supplement, added to your own free-testosterone levels, which is essentially the gulf between your testosterone deposits and your estrogen deposits, will grow, and this process determines how anabolic you really are.

Testosterone Supplements Side Effects?

side effects

Yes, by taking a testosterone supplement, you will enjoy more muscle mass, experience more energy through the day, and enhance your libido.

There are also a number of potential side-effects that you should take into account before committing to any product.

Side-effects include both physical and psychological

Physical side effects…

could include outbreaks of acne, especially on the back.

Recently, a number of reports were circulated around Europe explaining some of the long-term side-effects of using testosterone supplements, which included kidney damage after prolonged use.

Therefore, it would be wise to give your body a “break” from your testosterone supplement, every now and then.

Some individuals have reported experiencing headaches, in the form of migraines.

Iron deficiency in the blood can also be a possible side-effect of using a testosterone supplement.

Symptoms include feeling colder than normal, as well as being more susceptible to catching colds and other infections.

Psychological side-effects…

include mood swings, especially in individuals already displaying signs of hostile behavior and aggression.

Although there are a number of potential side-effects linked to testosterone-supplements-usage, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete scientific evidence to directly link any conditions to any supplementation.

There is little doubt that both men and women around the globe have used these supplements for years and have reported minimal side-effects.

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