testosterone supplements

Men that reach a certain age often begin to experience feelings of being lethargic, fat, and maybe a little limp sex department, and become convinced that it is time to start using one of many testosterone supplements.

The Rise Of Testosterone Supplements

testosterone supplements

Men in their droves, particularly in the United States are turning their attentions to testosterone supplements in order pep up their sex drives, and in some cases solve their erectile tissues.

Sales of prescription hormones have more than tripled since 2007, according to leading health professionals. Sales figures touched the $1.6 billion mark in 2012, and this number is well on the way of becoming $5 billion by the year 2017.

Bearing in mind that this does not include testosterone supplements are purchased across the counter, on the net, or via conventional mail.

The Medical Opinion on Testosterone Supplements

testosterone supplements

According to Dr Edmund Sabanegh, who is the chair person of the Urology Department based in the Cleveland Clinic, United States, “we are seeing a very dramatic increase” in men of all ages who are turning to testosterone supplements and their illegal alternatives such as anabolic steroids.

Unfortunately, these quick fixes bring with them a number of side-effects that can include blood clots as well as infertility, amongst other things.

By the time a man reaches the age of 30, his testosterone levels begin to dip by approximately 1% a year.

The body’s ability to create the hormone diminishes over time, and men can experience loss of muscle size and strength, suffer from depression, feel lethargic all the time, and show little interest in sex.

He goes on “the symptoms of low testosterone are kind of what many of us feel when we get older: maybe a little decrease in energy, a little erectile problem, and a drop in libido…

Often, those are normal” for men that reach their 40s, 50s and upwards.

Sabanegh goes on,  “when that’s the situation, we just talk about making lifestyle changes, taking a few pounds off, and getting on a regular exercise program, improving their diets…

Those sorts of things can, in many patients, give them the kind of effect they were hoping for in their testosterone”.

Before Using Testosterone Supplements


In order for Sabanegh to be convinced that he needs to put a patient on testosterone therapy, the patient must exhibit the recognized clinical symptoms of low testosterone.

And after that a lab test must be carried out to confirm whether the patient in question has hormone levels that have dropped to an abnormal level.

Usually the levels and their relativity vary from person to person, but typically low testosterone means that the count is likely to be less than 300ng/dL.

Yes it is true that testosterone supplements can boost a person’s energy levels and help to get that “old sexual feeling back”.

The biggest problem is that most men’s testosterone supplement use is not monitored by a professional.

Sabanegh has treated patients that have used testosterone supplements and begin to suffer from the side-effects.

“On occasions” he goes on “… I have seen acne and elevated red blood cell counts”, which can very easily induce blood clots.

It doesn’t stop there… simply stopping the use of the supplement will not always end those side-effects.

One famous testosterone supplements user, whose name we have changed for the purpose of this article and for the sake of confidentiality, has not suffered any such undesirable symptoms at the age of 61.

He has noted changes that have helped him revert back to a happier lifestyle as well as enjoying extra strength.

Nigel, as we will call him in this article is a competitive bodybuilder who is obsessed with scrutinizing his meals and weight, which currently is 155 pounds.

In 2013, Nigel decided to try out his first non-prescription natural testosterone supplement, Prime Male, simply because he reached the age of 60.

Prior to this he has never had his testosterone count checked by a professional.

Nigel explains, “at the gym, when I did the squat press or the bench-press, my weight increased by 10 pounds.

My libido seems to get better too.

And that was just after like two days of being on it… I thought wow, this does seem to make a difference”.

In a recent bodybuilding competition, Nigel came first in his division, which was men aged 60 to 69.

According to the National Institute of Health, “normal testosterone levels in healthy males should be 300 to 1200ng/dL.

Stick To Natural Testosterone Supplements

testosterone supplements

Instead of using medically prescribed hormone therapies and testosterone supplements, it is always better to use a product that contains natural ingredients.

Prime Male, like the one Nigel used is a prime example of this.

The medically prescribed testosterone supplements should be treated with caution because there is evidence that they can cause liver damage when the supplement is metabolized.

Have you ever used a medically prescribed testosterone supplement?

If you have, what effects did you experience? We would love to hear from you about your experiences in this area.

Please feel free to leave your comments below, and they will be much appreciated.

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