TESTOSTERONE PILLS: And Their Side Effects

testosterone pills

The vast majority of studies that have been carried out into testosterone therapy, in particular the medically prescribed testosterone pills, have shown improvements to the libido and sexual performance in males diagnosed with hypogonadism.

The researchers discovered that testosterone therapy definitively increased interest in sex as well as the number of times “spontaneous erections” occurred.

testosterone pills

It should be taken into account that testosterone pills, on their own, will not assist in improving erectile dysfunction if there is a different underlying medical condition.

Taking into account the positive effects on sex life, testosterone therapies have also shown to have a positive effect on the mood, and suppressing symptoms of depression, as well as tiredness and fatigue, and in some cases even confusion.

Other studies have revealed that testosterone therapies also have positive benefits on the bones and their density.

Nevertheless, further studies are much needed in this area.

Countries such as the United States offer testosterone therapy in various forms.

These include injections, testosterone pills, patches and gels.

It has to be said that interest in testosterone related products has risen dramatically in the last 10/12 years.

Are Testosterone Pills Safe?

testosterone pills

Testosterone pills are widely available legally; however medical physicians do not view them positively.

By taking a medically prescribed testosterone pill, testosterone becomes quickly metabolized and it is unable to achieve sufficient blood levels in order to to be beneficial.

Testosterone pills have been for years associated with undesirable side-effects, particularly to the liver as well as benign and my malignant tumors.

A much safer alternative to medically prescribed testosterone pills are supplements often referred to as testosterone boosters.

These supplements are commonly used by bodybuilders, power lifters as well other athletes.

Even older men and getting in on the act!

The reason why testosterone boosters are becoming increasingly popular is because they are available without prescriptions and mainly contain natural ingredients.

Their composition has received “nods of approval” from medical professionals, sporting professional bodies, government bodies as well as “the everyday men” who use and benefit from them.

Moving back to the subject of medically prescribed testosterone pills, reformulation of these pills, which is currently being used in Europe and is not associated with liver intoxication, is currently being tried and tested in the United States.

Testosterone Pills and Their Side-Effects


Although not everybody is affected by side-effects often associated with testosterone pills, there are a number of “common” adverse reactions that people experience.

The most common complaint is skin itching and irritation from the moment you start taking these pills.

Users often complain about itchy shins, thighs, and the area between the buttocks.

Furthermore, men and women have experienced tenderness to the breast area which includes swellings and excess development of breast tissue, better known as gynaecomastia.

Furthermore, medically prescribed testosterone pills can also trigger outbreaks of acne and oily skin as well as the increase of bodily hair.

More serious effects of using testosterone pills include the development of sleep apnea and a reduction of testicular size and sperm count, therefore these pills should not be used by men who may be concerned about fertility.

If you have experienced using testosterone pills or testosterone therapy, what kind of experience have you had?

We would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your comments below.

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