Testosterone: Equilibrium Is Key

Testosterone: Equilibrium Is Key

Testosterone is regarded as the prime “male hormone” that is created by guys in the testicles. Generally, the standard testosterone levels in men is approximately 270 to 1070 ng/dL with typical levels at 679ng/dL.

Testosterone Can Be Too High!

Guys that have testosterone levels which are greater than normal levels may encounter both downsides and advantages. The benefits, which are small, include normalizing blood-pressure and reducing the probability of heart attacks as well as obesity.

Unfortunately, there is a propensity for guys to consume alcohol, which naturally leads to a series of health issues. Furthermore, men are much more prone to smoke than the female counterparts. The difficulties related to too high testosterone levels are pretty uncommon and sporadic, especially in middle aged men. Testosterone levels generally become too low as opposed to too high in the later years.

The most frequent “out of equilibrium” testosterone levels are observed to be lower side of normal; this happens just because the man’s testosterone levels typically peaks at about age 20, and after that, fall gradually with age.

It’s been suggested that a 1% decline in testosterone levels annually is common for middle aged men (30 to 50 years of age). While this decline might not be apparent in most guys, a small; number might encounter major health issues in the middle aged years in particular. This fall in testosterone levels is known as hypogonadism, or the “male menopause”. Reduced testosterone levels decrease psychological aggressiveness, and might lead to a decrease in physical power, and endurance. Also, guys might encounter joint pains, as well as bone discomfort, and they could even experience a decrease in the frequency of spontaneous erections due to a low libido.

Testosterone replacement therapy is available to treat testosterone levels that are low. Physicians may use creams, or shots, bandages or gels which contain testosterone. Not all men will be suitable for such therapy. Testosterone shouldn’t be administered to men suffering from prostate cancer. Furthermore, testosterone can exacerbate pre-existing heart conditions.

It’s quite vital that you seek advice from your physician to find out what remedy, if any, is the best for you before any type of testosterone therapy is started.

So, how can one make sure that testosterone levels stay in equilibrium? Some doctors propose that tracking testosterone levels from the age of 35, and them every 5 years. Testosterone treatment may be offered in the event of testosterone levels dropping too low, usually identified by experiencing some of the symptoms explained above.

Yet, after testosterone treatment is initiated, testosterone levels need to be carefully tracked to ensure the testosterone levels don’t become overtly high, since this could lead to different kinds of complications in men.

Choosing the right balance for everyone is not impossible provided you retain regular contact with your physician.

Consider Natural Supplements

On the other hand, an increasing number of people are turning to natural testosterone supplements to address their low testosterone issues. Natural testosterone supplements do not require the need of a prescription, and are relatively safe to use. They are created from natural ingredients that encourage the body to create more of its own testosterone, as opposed to administering synthetic testosterone, like what testosterone replacement therapy offers.

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Discover the best natural testosterone supplements that are designed to help you:

  • Overcome Fatigue
  • Enhance Libido
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Shed Fat
  • Sharpen Your Mind
  • Improve Overall Mood

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