TESTOSTERONE CREAM: What Is It and How Does it Work?

testosterone cream

If you visit your doctor to have your low testosterone treated, then chances are that testosterone cream could be one of the things that he/she may recommend to help you keep your testosterone levels where they should be.

It is with age that testosterone levels begin to drop, which leads to a whole set of problems including the buildup of fat in certain parts of the body, particularly around the abdominal area.

testosterone cream

Generally, men tend to have less fat on their bodies compared to women, and this is thanks to testosterone.

One of the main problems that you may experience when your testosterone levels drop significantly is depression.

Testosterone cream, along with other testosterone boosting products can be used to help alleviate these undesirable symptoms.

Testosterone cream is becoming the regular choice for men who are desperate to increase their levels in an attempt to help curb problems that arise from testosterone deficiency.

One of the reasons why people opt to use testosterone cream is to avoid undergoing a course of injections, because they can lead to a number of drawbacks such as having to make weekly visits to your clinic as well the fact that your testosterone levels will begin to drop once again as time passes since your last injection.

Another effective and safe way of increasing testosterone levels, which is also popular, is using natural testosterone boosting supplements.

The good thing about using testosterone cream is that you will not experience the typical highs and lows of testosterone, as is the case when using testosterone injections.

Furthermore, testosterone cream is usually odourless, and nor does it sting.

Testosterone cream will help men to gradually increase testosterone by absorbing into the skin and eventually sinking into the bloodstream.

Just like most lotions, testosterone cream is applied topically and is absorbed through the skin, and subsequently gets to work by raising testosterone levels.

As with all prescription creams, testosterone cream will require the user to undergo blood tests to try and establish the effectiveness.

Usually tests are carried out early in the morning, preferably before the consumption of any food or beverages.

The main purpose of testosterone cream is to “pull” testosterone levels back up into the “normal” range.

Therefore, blood tests are imperative in establishing the patient is receiving what he needs, and try avoiding pushing the testosterone levels too high.

What Does Testosterone Cream Do?

testosterone cream

As stated earlier, testosterone cream is applied topically and absorbed through the skin.

It is usually applied once a day and subsequently at the same time on a daily basis, and this ensures that testosterone levels remain at an even level.

Testosterone cream can be applied to various parts of the body including the stomach, the shoulders, as well as the upper arms.

We always advise to rotate the areas of application, provided that your doctor agrees with in order to reduce any potential skin irritations.

One major drawback to the cream is the absorption rate, which is typically around 25% all the way up to 60%.


The volume of the testosterone cream has to be adjusted in order to accommodate the lower rate of and absorption.

This drawback, leads some people to opt to using natural testosterone boosting supplements.

Generally, creams have become an effective alternative to testosterone injections as well as testosterone patches, which do not really work all that well.

Testosterone cream contains a higher concentration of testosterone per volume making it much more manageable.

The application of testosterone cream will typically give a man the continuous consumption of testosterone using a non-invasive method.

The cream is only required to be used on a small area which is fast drying and has very low alcohol content.

But overall, when compared to testosterone injections it is a safer and more convenient method, only second to natural testosterone boosting supplements.

Is Testosterone Cream Effective?

testosterone cream

The simple fact that testosterone creams are convenient and safe to use make them a great option as a hormone replacement therapy “vehicle”.

A number of people have reported experiencing a drastic improvement in sexual receptivity as well as an increase in the frequency of sexual initiation.

As you may well know, low testosterone usually leads to a decrease in muscle mass, increase in body fat, heart disease, loss of memory, and a very low libido.

Usually these symptoms can very often lead to low self-esteem.

When you put these symptoms together, they are often referred to as the “male menopause”, and up until now, testosterone creams have shown to be an effective method in preventing the symptoms.

Men can also use testosterone replacement treatments, such as testosterone cream to help and control blood pressure, blood sugar, control fat, avoid depressive moods and also help maintain muscle mass.

As testosterone is responsible for a large number of bodily functions, its depletion will inevitably lead to a multitude of health problems.

Our Conclusion

testosterone cream

Testosterone cream is usually considered to be safe within the medical community, provided that it is closely monitored and constantly adjusted so that testosterone levels are kept within the proper range.

However, an increasing number of people are ditching the testosterone cream in favor of testosterone boosting supplements.

The reason being, these supplements do not require regular medical supervision or blood tests, and they do not put you at the risk of your testosterone levels rising to dangerous heights, nor do they require prescriptions, and best of all…the side-effects are relatively minimal compared to other forms of hormone replacement therapy.

Have you had experience using testosterone cream? If so, we would love to hear your story and your experiences.

Please leave your comments in the box below, and thank you for reading this article.

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  1. Matty

    September 25, 2015 at 12:38 am

    I was put on the cream about 6 months ago on a 10% concetration level. The reason why i was put on it was that at the age of 30 my test was up at 28. Come November the year after and i was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident which left me dead for a few mins requiring a defib and automatic respirator. Had severe head injuries which damaged my Pituitary gland reducing the amount of LH it could deliver which in turn reduced the amount of test my testicles produce. It went down to 12.3 over the course of about 8 months from the accident. 6 months later on the cream and its gone to 15.2 which is a nice increase. I feel better and have put on a little muscle but body fat remains stubborn so my dosage has been increased to 15%. We’re in the hopes of getting it to at least the low 20s. Not as high as it wouldve been naturally but better than 12 thats for sure. So far im loving the cream and its easy application but sometimes i forget about it and i need constant reminders, another issue from the accident.. memory issues.

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