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Testosterone booster side effects are something that should be carefully considered before committing to a course of a supplement.

Most men know that testosterone levels drop with age and this drop brings with it a number of symptoms that all too often hinder a person’s ability to live and enjoy life.

Typical symptoms include mood swings, irritation, unexpected weight gain, loss of interest in sex, depression and even erectile dysfunction.

testosterone booster side effects


It is the norm that when these symptoms surface that your doctor will (after carrying out testosterone level checks) prescribe you with a testosterone booster.

Traditionally, testosterone boosters have been associated with bodybuilders because they feel that these supplements will aid muscle growth, provide extra energy and cut down the recovery period in between working out.

It is important to understand that there are actually two types of testosterone boosters.

There are chemical based testosterone boosters which are typically prescribed by your doctor, and any other way of obtaining these potentially lethal substances is highly illegal.

The second type is natural testosterone boosters.

These are considered much safer to use because they mainly contain combinations of natural ingredients.

This article will focus on the former.

If your doctor ascertains that your testosterone levels are indeed low, he will prescribe you with a testosterone booster supplement in the form of patches (transdermal) or injections.

Our team of experts has carried out comprehensive studies into these “prescribed” testosterone boosters and discovered that the potential risk element, far outweighs the benefits being offered.

As highlighted earlier, this article is dedicated to the testosterone boosters that your doctor is likely to prescribe and some of the common side effects that users are exposed to.

External Testosterone Booster Sided Effects

testosterone booster side effects changes

Using a prescribed testosterone booster can have adverse affects on your skin.

Users normally suffer from skin irritations such as dermatitis, burning sensations and erythema.

Other, testosterone booster side effects amongst women include premature baldness, and acne.

Yes, even some women make use of testosterone booster, especially if they are into “muscle sports”.

Some typical testosterone booster side effects amongst men include rapid hair loss, acne breakouts resulting from excessive grease formed on the skin.

Some men have even seen themselves developing breasts.

And that is not all…some men have noticed testicular shrinkage!

Internal Testosterone Booster Side Effects

side effects

Some bodybuilders love using testosterone boosters, especially the illegal type.

The mere fact that the substance is illegal provides them with a “buzz” because they know what they are doing is wrong, therefore it must be powerful, and they will soon have to look behind them to spot the nearest competition.

One thing that these individuals neglect is paying attention to the potential testosterone booster side effects that they are likely to suffer.

Look at it this way…the artificially induced, abnormal rapid muscle growth has a “straining” affect on the associated organs.

As the muscles grow (far too quick for the body to realistically handle), the tendons and ligaments stay where they are.

This causes a major imbalance as a result of stretching and straining which inevitably leads to muscular injuries, ruptured tendons and harm to the ligaments.

Some individuals like the cosmetic affect that their bodies undergo, so much so, that they prolong the use of their testosterone booster.

This practice can potentially damage the kidneys.

Typical effects include consistent water retention, nitrogen and a reduction of urinal calcium excretion.

The lungs can feel the effects of the prolonged use of testosterone boosters.

Users are likely to experience hyper tension which is a prelude to potential heart failure.

Although this kind of side effect is extremely rare, and is heavily dependent on the type of supplements being used, there have been a number of reported cases to that effect.


Other and more serious testosterone booster side effects can include liver cancer as a result of a damaged liver.

Other life threatening cases associated with testosterone booster side effects include jaundice, pelioisis hepatis, hepatic neoplasms and hepatocellular carcinomas.

The genitalia area can also fall victim to testosterone booster side effects.

Men have noticed a dramatic reduction of the volume of ejaculation.

The slightly older males can also experience obstruction of the urine caused by an enlarged prostrate.

On the other end of the spectrum, women can develop a deep voice as well as experiencing menstrual disruptions.  S

ufferers of sleep apnea will notice an aggravation of their symptoms.

Psychological Testosterone Booster Side Effects

testosterone booster side effects.psychological

Users are likely to experience testosterone booster side effects such as mood swings which have been freakishly similar to those experienced by people suffering from psychological disorders.

Prolonged use can also make a person abnormally aggressive.

One of the main “selling points” of some of the leading testosterone boosters is that they will enhance your libido.

This may be the case during the early stages of use, but there is also the risk of levels plummeting after a period of time.

Once the levels drastically decrease, the user is likely to suffer from almost daily headaches and bouts of depression and anxiety.

So What Have We Learnt About Testosterone Booster Side Effects?

testosterone booster side effects conclusion

The potentially harm caused by the use of prescribed testosterone boosters is very serious.

It is also important to understand that a large number of these supplements are actually illegal in a number of jurisdictions due to very compelling reasons.

We advise that you avoid using “chemical-based” testosterone boosters altogether.

Natural testosterone boosters are a much safer alternative and often provide the same level of benefits as their artificial counterparts.


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  1. Kitty Cup Cakes

    March 16, 2016 at 9:45 am

    Hi there.
    I was dating a guy who started taking testosterone boosters that he got from a guy at the gym.
    The guy I was seeing wanted to be big, very muscular, which he already was.
    He started taking the boosters and the 3rd day in to taking them we had sex. All going fine, then he lost his erection not long before ‘getting off’.
    He didn’t tell me why.
    Tried again later, same thing happened, he was close to cumming and lost it.
    He told me after the 2nd time that he had been taking these boosters.
    3rd time was the charm. FYI.
    Is this common ?
    It doesn’t really describe what kind of ED problems comes with it so was wondering if this kind of thing happens alot to people taking testosterone boosters?
    Thank you 🙂

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