TESTORIL (By Premium Nutraceuticals): Review


What does Testoril do?

Testoril s a testosterone booster that is focused towards the slightly older man. Testoril helps the user to maintain healthy testosterone levels. The manufacturer claims Testoril will significantly change the quality of your life. You will feel instantly more energetic and be able to live life to the fullest.

According to the manufacturer, Testoril goes far beyond just boosting free testosterone levels. The combinations of ingredients will also help you boost your romantic life. Testoril is shown to increase libido in men and boost sex drive and desire.

In a clinical study (again, according to the manufacturer) users of Testoril had shown a significant boost in sexual function, performance and satisfaction.

The vitamin B6 element in Testoril helps to support healthy energy levels unlike the unnatural “jolt” you would feel after consuming caffeine.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

The main ingredients featured in Testoril include fenugreek seed extract, vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc. Beginning with a fenugreek, this is a type of her that commonly grows in India and parts of the Middle East.

It has long been used as a traditional medicine for its ability to enhance masculinity, and the libido.

It is occasionally used in tea to enhance milk production in new mothers.

Without going into too much detail (because it would require a whole page dedicated to fenugreek), one human study has suggested that fenugreek is effective in enhancing testosterone levels.

At the same time, there are opposing voices that strongly disagree with this claim.

The study involved 30 subjects, who were supplemented with 500 mg fenugreek on a daily basis over a period of six months.

It was stipulated by the researchers that a dose that is less than 500 mg, pretty much renders fenugreek’s ability to enhance testosterone levels, useless.

The results highlighted substantial increases in testosterone.

Although fenugreek is a reliable testosterone enhancing ingredient, we are not provided with any information that would suggest that Testoril provides the required dosage in order for it to be effective.

Moving on to vitamin B6, plays a balancing role for the hormones, and is also instrumental in enhancing the libido.

Magnesium helps to increase “free” and “total” testosterone levels, as well as promoting enhanced muscle relaxation.

Zinc is synonymous for its testosterone enhancing properties as well as helping to regulate levels.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Other than weight gain in some individuals, we have been unable to uncover any major side-effects.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can buy Testoril for $94.99 for a month’s supply.

This product no doubt contains a number of proven testosterone enhancing the ingredients, but the price tag is “way over the mark”.

You can find alternative products that are equally, if not more effective than Testoril in terms of testosterone enhancement, and are considerably cheaper.

The Verdict

TESTORIL (By Premium Nutraceuticals): Review4Dr Spring2013-07-24 11:59:48What does Testoril do?
Testoril s a testosterone booster that is focused towards the slightly older man. Testoril helps the user to maintain healthy …
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