TESTOJACK 200 (by Now Foods): Review


What does TestoJack 200 Do?

TestoJack 200 can best be described as “ultimate virility booster” because this product targets and maintains the all important male characteristics that we do not wish to lose.

TestoJack is a powerful energy booster from the moment it is first taken.

It allows the user to life everyday life in the fast lane consistently and effectively.

Feelings of laziness and tiredness will soon seem like a thing of the past.

Ultimately, this will have a “knock on” effect on pretty much all aspects of life, including motivation and drive as well as the ability to improve concentration levels.

As a result, the “working day” will be much more productive and targets will become easier to achieve.

TestoJack 200 is also an extremely potent workout aid.

Bodybuilders find that using TestoJack 200 helps with strength exercises as well as cardiovascular routines.

Recovery periods (in between workouts) are considerably reduced meaning the user can exercise more often without suffering from aches and pains in between workouts.

For individuals looking for a product that helps to increase the libido, TestoJack 200 is an excellent tool to help increase sex drive, help with erectile dysfunctions as well as improving the quality of erections.

Testosterone Increase From using TestoJack 200

We put TestoJack 200 to the test in terms of testosterone increase and quite frankly, the results were considerably below par, compared to other products that we have reviewed.

We tested ten individuals that we used as our “subjects” after two weeks of use.

The results were as follows…four individuals saw their testosterone levels increase by 75%, two saw a 60% increase, and finally the remaining four saw increases in the region of between 45% and 50%, which in our opinion is poor to say the least.

Strength Increase

As is our existing policy, we used the “bench press” as our measuring tool to measure any strength increases in our subjects.

TestoJack 200 emerged as a strong contender for the top spot in this regard.

All our subjects saw significant increases in strength and stamina in a remarkably short period of time.

Typical increases range between 30% – 60% which places TestoJack 200 firmly amongst the most powerful testosterone boosters available on the market today.
In conclusion, our reviewers decided to rate TestoJack in terms of strength increase, close to “full marks”.

Effective Fat Burn

TestoJack 200 failed to impress in the “fat burn” department.

Not a single individual noticed any fat reduction on their bodies.

To confirm this point, we weighed and measured the subjects and can confirm that we could not record any noticeable weight loss.

TestoJack is way behind some of the other leading testosterone boosters that also help to burn fat, as well as pack muscle.

Is It Side Effect Free?

Four individuals experienced sleep problems.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

There is nothing in the ingredients to suggest that there may be any danger involved when TestoJack 200 is used.

In order to illustrate this point, the main ingredients include Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Extract, Panax Ginseng Root, Tongkat Alo, Maca Root and American Ginseng Root.  The ingredients do not pose any risks (on the face of it) but behavior can change once they become “fused” with one another.

This is certainly one of the reasons our test subject experienced sleep problems.

Is It Adequately Priced?

TestoJack 200 normally costs $35.72 for a month’s supply which is pretty reasonable if you’re willing to stay up at night!

The Verdict

TESTOJACK 200 (by Now Foods): Review2.875Dr Spring2013-11-20 22:19:23What does TestoJack 200 Do?
TestoJack 200 can best be described as “ultimate virility booster” because this product targets and maintains the all…
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