TESTOFUEL (By Roar Ambition): Review


What Does Testofuel Do?

Designed for the ‘bodybuilding’ and the ‘non-bodybuilding’ markets, the manufacturer is adamant in claiming that Testofuel has been “tried, tested and researched rigorously” to ensure that the product is safe to use and is completely risk free. Testofuel works by increasing the body’s own testosterone levels in a natural manner.

This helps the user to enjoy increased energy and libido levels as well as growing muscles very quickly. In our opinion, Testofuel is unlike other testosterone boosters available today. It is designed around individuals who experience feelings of tiredness, laziness, and experience weight gain; suffer from extremely low sex drive (including those men who cannot retain their erections) and even individuals that are experiencing mild symptoms of depression.

A common cause of these symptoms is low testosterone.

Testofuel cranks up the areas in the body that produce testosterone and this in turn helps the user enjoy amazing energy levels throughout the day, every day, undergo rapid weight loss (in the right areas) and experience a sky-high sex drive which will impress you and no doubt, your partner.

Users have also reported getting amazingly rock-hard erections which last as long as the individual desires.

For those individuals that undergo physical training will enjoy unparalleled workout sessions due to the added energy Testofuel provides. Testofuel does not contain any testosterone contrary to what you may think.

The amazing combination of ingredients in Testofuel works incredibly well together and induces the body to produce its own testosterone. Our researchers have established that all of the ingredients within Testofuel have a proven track-record in boosting testosterone levels in the body.

The combination ensures that users experience an energy-packed day, a much better overall mood, diminish stubborn belly-fat, and enjoy an incredible sex-life experience incredible muscle mass and definition. If the user happens to workout, recovery times in between workouts will be drastically reduced.

Testofuel contains an oyster extract which is scientifically proven to be one of the best producers of natural testosterone.

And yes…the package clearly states…”designed for bodybuilders”.

But from our experience and in the opinion of our experts, Testofuel works equally as well for individuals who are not bodybuilders.


Are The Ingredients Effective?

All of the ingredients in Testofuel are natural and safe to consume on a daily basis.

Each ingredient in Testofuel acts a positive contributor towards increasing testosterone levels.

The main powerful ingredients contained in Testofuel include Oyster Extract (If you are allergic to seafood such as oysters, then Testofuel is not suitable for you).

Oysters are very important for increasing testosterone because they are one of the best sources of zinc, typically containing 10x the amount of zinc found in beef steak.

  • Zinc is essential if you want to maintain healthy testosterone levels.
  • Ginseng increases the body’s production of testosterone and has been used for centuries around the world. Studies have suggested that ginseng can significantly increase testosterone levels.
  • Fenugreek, which is sometimes added to bread, is a recognized libido enhancer, as well as possessing the unique ability to suppress symptoms of diabetes. Fenugreek is produced in areas of India, as well as a Middle East, and has long been used as a “traditional medicine” to help enhance masculinity, and the libido. One particular trial, involving 30 males who were supplemented with 500 mg of fenugreek for a period of six months, all experienced massive increases in their “bioavailable” testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin B helps to metabolize amino acids, glucose and lipids in the body, and…
  • Vitamin D helps to activate leptin which tricks the brain into thinking that the stomach is full, essential to avoid overeating.
  • Magnesium aids free and total testosterone values in both sedentary people and in devoted athletes.It also promotes healthy muscle relaxation, and finally there is…
  • D-aspartic Acid which is a form of amino acid that is essential for the regulation of testosterone synthesis. The D-aspartic acid also enhances male fertility, as demonstrated in clinical trials.One particular study that involved the d-aspartic supplementation found increases in testosterone levels between 30 and 60% in human males in just 12 days.
Testofuel gets to work on your testosterone in 5 powerful and clinically proven ways. We have been unable to find a product that even comes close in its focus on testosterone enhancement.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Other than the Oyster Extract that makes this product unsuitable for people suffering from seafood allergies, we have been unable to find other unexpected reactions from using this product.

Check out the testimonials on the official site.

Is It Adequately Priced?

Given the extremely high standard of ingredients that are used in this product, and their effectiveness in enhancing testosterone levels (backed by clinical studies), the $69.00 price tag for one month’s supply is certainly adequately priced.

Furthermore, there are currently some good discounts available on the official site.

Where Can I Buy

At present, Testofuel is only available from the manufacturer’s official site.

You can make your Testofuel purchase from the official site.

Current Special Offer

Buy 3 Boxes Get 1 Box Free + Free T –Shirt (works out to be a just-over-a 30% discount)

The Verdict

TESTOFUEL (By Roar Ambition): Review4.5Dr Spring2013-07-26 19:16:26What Does Testofuel Do?

Designed for the ‘bodybuilding’ and the ‘non-bodybuilding’ markets, the manufacturer is adamant in claiming that Te…


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