TEST X180 Ignite (By Force Factor): Review

Bottle of Test X180 Ignite by ForceFactor

Unfortunately, for most men, the body’s natural testosterone production diminishes with age. The moment this happens, there is less testosterone the body can use to help it to perform its many functions at full capacity. Moreover, when low testosterone creeps in, whole array of health problems can suddenly present themselves.

Typical symptoms associated with low testosterone include a lack of drive, depleted muscle mass, an increase in body fat, rock bottom motivation, and an almost non-existent sex drive.

For many years, low testosterone sufferers had been offered testosterone replacement therapy/hormone replacement therapy as a cure for the condition. Recent years have seen a lot of bad press associated with these treatments because they have shown to expose users to potentially harmful and long-term side-effects. As a result, men the world over have been searching for alternatives, preferably safer ones.

This is where natural testosterone supplements come into play because they have been the preferred alternatives for most men. Natural testosterone supplements simply encourage the body to start producing more of its own testosterone as opposed to administering synthetic versions of this hormone.

TEST X180 Ignite by Force Factor is a prime example of these ever emerging natural testosterone supplements hitting the market on almost a weekly basis.

This supplement is apparently an “all in one free testosterone booster” that “includes caffeine to help support appetite control”. And

Are TEST X180 Ignite Ingredients Effective?

Manliness Ignition Matrix (400 mg)

  • Testofen® Fenugreek Seed Extract (standardized to contain min. 50% Fenuside™) is known to provide a number of benefits including libido enhancement and anti-diabetic properties. According to some studies, it has been suggested that fenugreek is also a potent testosterone enhancer. Read more here.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized to 95% polyphenols) is known to possess fat burning properties, although tolerance to green tea can quickly build.
  • Avena Sativa Extract (aerials)(10:1) is believed to increase the luteinizing hormone levels as well as working to free bound testosterone allowing for more testosterone to roam around the body and allow for a healthy sexual response, as well as energy levels. In terms of studies, there is not much available information at present.
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium Grandiflorum)(aerial/leaf)(20:1) is a pro-erectile and aphrodisiac agent typically used in traditional Chinese medicine. Recent studies seem to suggest that it may be effective in enhancing testosterone. Please note, all existing studies looking at its effects on testosterone and other hormones have only been conducted on animals and human studies are desparately needed.

Fat Incineration Complex (400 mg)

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized to contain min. 45% EGCG) see above
  • Caffeine Anhydrous is a stimulatory anti-sleep compound usually extracted from coffee beans. Regular caffeine use can buildup of tolerance very quickly.
  • Green Coffee Extract (Coffea robusta)(bean) can best be described as a concentrated source of dietary chlorogenic acid suspected of providing benefits to heart health as well as acting as an effective fat loss supplement.
  • White Tea Extract contains plenty of green tea catechins, and may be effective in burning body fat.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

I couldn’t pinpoint any particular side-effects associated with this supplement, but it has to be noted that there is a lot of caffeine present, meaning you might be walking around wired for a few days. Other effects might include difficulties in sleeping.



Is TEST X180 Ignite Adequately Priced?

With ingredients like fenugreek and to a lesser extent, horny goat weed, X180 Ignite should provide respectable testosterone enhancement. But the amount of caffeine present in this product in is simply astounding. Although the precise dosages and not given in due to the proprietary blends, it still plainly obvious that this supplement relies heavily on caffeine.

As a result, users might experience over stimulation, not ideal for individuals sensitive to over stimulation. Moreover, the price-tag of $83.16 is way over the mark; I honestly don’t know what Force Factor was thinking when they priced this supplement.

Taking all these factors into account, I can safely say that TEST X180 Ignite is definitely not adequately priced!

TEST X180 Ignite Verdict

TEST X180 Ignite (By Force Factor): Review3Dr Spring2017-01-30 15:21:27Unfortunately, for most men, the body’s natural testosterone production diminishes with age. The moment this happens, there is less testosterone the…
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