TEST STACK No.17 (By Bio Nutraceutical): Review


The number of testosterone supplements on the market today is simply mind-boggling. New products are introduced on an almost weekly basis, and consumers can sometimes be left baffled at the choices available to them.

I came across a newish testosterone supplement called Test Stack No.17. I contacted the company to see if they would send me a few samples to review for this site, and they were happy to oblige, which was nice.

Thanks to the samples sent to us, I am in a position to give you guys a first-hand review because I used the product for a whole month.

Test Stack No.17 is sold as a “natural” testosterone supplement which is also a “pharmaceutical” grade blend that is designed to provide users with strength, lean muscle, and more energy through the day and so on…

Are the Ingredients Effective?

There are number of ingredients in Test Stack No.17 that you won’t find in many other natural testosterone supplements such as Peonia Lactiflora, Ligusticum, Desmodium Gangeticum, Prolensis, Catuba Mark Extract and Avencosides A and B.

According to the manufacturer, all the ingredients are sourced domestically in good old United States, and the entire manufacturing takes place in a FDA approved facility, although Test Stack No.17 is NOT FDA approved.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

Before taking Test Stack No.17, I made sure that I did my research on the ingredients that I will be ingesting. I found nothing that stood out and really concerned me. I haven’t seen any reviews that mentioned any side effects either.

Is Test Stack No.17 Adequately Priced?

A tub of Test Stack NO 17 costs $197.00! Yes, that’s $197.00! This is easily the most expensive natural testosterone supplement I have ever seen.  On the plus side, if you purchase from the official website, the manufacturer has a reassuring money back guarantee which might be this product’s savior to a certain extent.

My Results After 2 Weeks

In terms of my energy levels, I didn’t notice all that different after the first couple of weeks of using Test Stack NO 17. I didn’t really feel all that “pumped” to go to the gym, which a simple can of Redbull can do (even though I don’t recommend that). The one department that did really see an improvement is the quality of my sleep. I found that I was sleeping sooner and better.

Another aspect of my body that saw improvements was my strength. My max on the bench press went from 200 lbs. all the way up to 250 lbs. which I’ve never really managed before.

My libido also improved quite significantly and the frequency and quality of my erections was impressive.

Many testosterone supplements also claim to improve your mental focus, and that’s largely down to the stimulants they contain, but Test Stack NO 17 doesn’t really contain any stimulants. As a result, after using this supplement for 2 weeks, I didn’t notice improvements in this department.

What’s The Verdict on Test Stack NO 17?

The price-tag cannot be justified for a testosterone supplement. $197.00 is way too high when you consider what you get in return. There are some wonderful natural testosterone supplements on the market that cost less than half the cost of Test Stack NO 17.

The Verdict

TEST STACK No.17 (By Bio Nutraceutical): Review4.25Dr Spring2015-09-21 14:38:25The number of testosterone supplements on the market today is simply mind-boggling. New products are introduced on an almost weekly basis, and consume…
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