TEST PEAK (By Inner Armour): Review

Peak Test

What does Test Peak do?

Test Peak, according to the manufacturer, contains “clinically studied ingredients that support testosterone by 98%”. The main objective of this ingredient is to increase testosterone and build muscle, and the primary ingredient used is fenugreek.

Test Peak has been developed by Inner Armour.

Test Peak contains “clinically suggested” ingredients that help to promote testosterone levels by 98%. Furthermore, the unique “MyTosterone” formula helps to maintain a healthy estradiol which helps to reduce DHT by as much as 20%.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

The main ingredients in Test Peak that have any significance to testosterone enhancement include vitamin D3. Vitamin D3, among other benefits, helps to moderately increase testosterone levels.

Furthermore, vitamin B6 is responsible for two important functions. Firstly, it helps to (moderately) elevate testosterone levels, and secondly it helps to regulate the production of androgen, which is a precursor to the production of testosterone.

Fenugreek is a type of herb that has long been used for its aphrodisiac properties. Recent scientific studies suggest that it is a potent testosterone enhancer.

Magnesium is a dietary mineral, and a lack of it will cause a rise in blood pressure, and reduce insulin sensitivity. Clinical studies have suggested that magnesium has no influence on testosterone levels whatsoever.

Zinc is also another essential mineral that is important in helping to regulate enzymes. Zinc is a potent antioxidant, as well as possessing immune boosting properties. Zinc has earned a reputation for allowing users to reduce the frequency of their illnesses by supporting healthy testosterone levels.

Clinical trials point to moderate only increases in testosterone levels.

Saw Palmetto is a type of fatty acid mix, and has widely been touted as possessing testosterone enhancing properties. Scientific evidence seems to suggest that this ingredient bears no influence on testosterone levels.

And finally, boron is a dietary mineral, and is believed to increase testosterone levels when supplemented at higher doses than what is normally found in food. Existing evidence seems to suggest somewhat limited interaction with testosterone in both sexes, and the quality of existing evidence is “seemingly unreliable”.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

Acne, greasy skin and mild headaches are some of the side effects users experienced.

Is It Adequately Priced?

Good quality product without a doubt, only the side effects let it down to be honest.

On this basis, the price-tag of $32.98 is not adequate.

The Verdict

TEST PEAK (By Inner Armour): Review3Dr Spring2014-04-10 10:00:48What does Test Peak do?
Test Peak, according to the manufacturer, contains “clinically studied ingredients that support testosterone by 98%”. The…
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