T-UP BLACK (By Nutrex): Review


What does T-UP Black do?

T-UP Black is described as “the mega testosterone support”. The primary goal of this product is to build muscle, and the main features ingredient is D-aspartic acid. According to the developer, Nutrex, this product supports incredible muscle gains, and strength increases, as well as dramatically cutting recovery periods. The content of d-aspartic acid is scientifically proven to support testosterone levels in humans, and this is backed by a study in which participants experienced a 42% increase in testosterone levels in as little as 12 days.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

As mentioned earlier, the main ingredient in T-UP Black is d-aspartic acid. D-aspartic acid is a form of amino acid that helps to regulate testosterone synthesis. It also possesses the ability to aid male fertility, as highlighted in clinical trials. These trials also revealed that a d-aspartic supplementation can lead to increases in testosterone levels.

There appeared to be increases in testosterone in the majority of subjects, in as little as 12 days (and this certainly backs Nutrex’s claim). Increases in infertile men were even more impressive; they experienced increases of between 30 – 60% in testosterone.

Massularia Acuminata is also featured in T-UP Black. This ingredient has been traditionally used in parts of Nigeria as a chewing stick, and is believed to provide aphrodisiac qualities.

Massularia Acuminata is currently under investigation for its potential in helping to prevent gingivitis. Massularia Acuminata is also believed an effective libido enhancer, and this has been highlighted by a number of animal studies.

Currently, there have been no human studies undertaken, which would have highlighted Massularia Acuminata’s effects on testosterone levels in humans. Therefore its effectiveness remains unclear.

Vitamin B6 helps to play balancing role for the hormones, and it is also believed that it is effective in enhancing the libido.

The remaining ingredients in T-UP Black do not have any relevance to testosterone enhancement; and it would be irrelevant discussing those.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

We have been unable to uncover any major side-effects that people may have experienced after using T-UP Black.

Is It Adequately Priced?

T-UP Black contains one “surefire” ingredient that is clinically proven to enhance testosterone levels. D-aspartic acid has demonstrated time and again, its incredible testosterone enhancing abilities.

Unfortunately, other ingredients such as massularia acuminata may be an effective libido enhancer, but there is no clinical evidence to suggest it can influence testosterone levels.

Yes, it is an agreeable fact that the official website looks impressive, lots of ingredients are thrown at you, that will have you believe that you will experience incredible testosterone enhancement from using T-UP Black.

But unfortunately for Nutrex, science does not fall for “hot air” and extravagant claims. Science simply looks at the facts.

On this basis, the price-tag of $31.95 is not adequate, because you are only offered one effective ingredient for the purpose of enhancing testosterone. Therefore, you will only experience modest increase in testosterone.

The Verdict

T-UP BLACK (By Nutrex): Review2.5Dr Spring2014-03-27 11:19:10What does T-UP Black do?
T-UP Black is described as “the mega testosterone support”. The primary goal of this product is to build muscle, and the…
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