T-BOMB II (By MHP): Review


What does T-Bomb II Do?

T-Bomb II “optimizes testosterone production, utilization and lowers estrogen”.

T-Bomb II is a creation of the well-known bodybuilding supplements manufacturer known as MHP.

The main purpose of this product is to promote health and wellness, and the primary ingredient is tribulus.

T-Bomb II helps users to increase muscle mass and strength.  A

nd this is made possible by this product’s ability to raise the body’s natural testosterone production.  Furthermore, T-Bomb II is extremely potent in helping to metabolize fat, and thus allowing for a “healthy body composition”.

T-Bomb II promotes the all-important protein synthesis which means that users will increase lean muscle mass in less time.

This product also helps to promote an increase in muscle glycogen synthesis as well as assisting to promote sexual health designed for individuals that may be experiencing a drop in the libido.

Testosterone Increase from using T-Bomb II

We arrange for 10 volunteers to use T-Bomb II for a period of 28 days.

We made sure that none of the volunteers had previously used a testosterone boosting supplement before coming on to this trial.

Our in-house medical professional performed two blood tests in order to ascertain if any increases in testosterone levels have occurred during this trial period.  The first blood test was carried out just before the commencement of this trial, and the second blood test was carried out on the 28th day.

On average, our volunteers experienced an increase in their testosterone levels by 22.7%.

Strength Increase from Using T-Bomb II

As with all of for our supplement reviews, we opted to use the bench press exercise to try and determine if any increases in strength occurred during the trial period.

This test was performed on the final day of the trial.  On average, our volunteers experienced a 18.1% increase in their bench press weight, compared to what they were able to push on the first day.

When this is compared to some of the other testosterone boosters that we have reviewed on this site, T-Bomb II proved itself to be a “mediocre” product in this respect.

Fat Burn from Using T-Bomb II

T-Bomb II was a major disappointment in terms of its ability to burn fat.

Not a single volunteer experienced any notable fat loss during the 28 day period.  We weighed and measured all the individuals concerned and can confirm this fact.  If you are looking for a well rounded testosterone booster that is effective in all areas including muscle growth, muscle strength increase, libido enhancement, and fat burning capabilities, T-Bomb II leaves a lot to be desired.

Is It Side Effect Free?

Two of the volunteers experienced problems sleeping at night, other than that, everything was all good.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredient in this product is tribulus, amongst other generic ingredients that also are used in other leading testosterone boosters.

All the ingredients in this product are considered safe for frequent human consumption. However this does not rule out the possibility of the ingredients changing their behavior once they become “fused” with one another.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can pick up one month supply of pace that for around $79.99.  This is pretty steep when you look at what this supplement actually contains.

Therefore, on this basis I consider this product can not to be adequately priced.

The Verdict

T-BOMB II (By MHP): Review3Dr Spring2014-02-01 10:00:10What does T-Bomb II Do?
T-Bomb II “optimizes testosterone production, utilization and lowers estrogen”.

T-Bomb II is a creation of the well-kn…

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