BREAKING NEWS: Low Testosterone And Its Link To Prostate Cancer

A new study carried out by BJU International has discovered that men who are low-risk prostate cancer sufferers, and who also suffer from low testosterone levels, could be at an increased risk of worsening of their disease.

The new findings could revolutionize the way physicians quickly identify patients with low-risk prostate cancer, who should be receiving prompt, aggressive, anti-cancer treatments.

prostate cancer

It is quite usual for men suffering from prostate cancer that may not be life-threatening, because it is progressing very slowly, to avoid cancer treatment, and instead opt to undergo close surveillance.

This surveillance involves very close monitoring to help and ensure that the disease does not become more aggressive and jeopardize the health of the person concerned.

At present, doctors do not seem to have a reliable way of being able to predict which type of men are likely to develop a worsening of the disease.

Ignacio San Francisco MD, who is a researcher at the Universidad Catolica, based in Chile, along with his colleagues conducted a study to see if testosterone levels could be an indicator of any worsening of prostate cancer.

They observed 154 men suffering from low-risk prostate cancer for a period of 38 months.

What they discovered was quite remarkable, because men with low levels of free testosterone were at an increased risk of the disease becoming more aggressive.

However, they found no direct correlation with “total” testosterone concentrations; nevertheless, there was a general trend towards an increased risk in people with low testosterone levels.

Free testosterone is usually equivalent to 1 to 2% of total testosterone, and is considered to be the most useful, and “active” portion of testosterone.

According to Dr San Francisco, the results pointed to more aggressive prostate cancer when testosterone levels were low.

This in effect, contradicts the traditionally held belief that high testosterone can worsen prostate cancer, and low testosterone improves the situation.

Thanks to this study, new valuable information is now available to physicians about their patients regarding any risk factors associated with prostate cancer progression in men undergoing close surveillance.

In borderline cases, the simple fact that there is low testosterone present may be an indication as to how prudent it is to initiate any cancer treatment, instead of simply continuing with the surveillance.

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