PRO TRIBULUS (By Infinite Labs): Review


It’s just one of those unfortunate facts of life that many men have to face up to at some stage in their lives, and that’s the issue of low testosterone. Unfortunately, with age, the human body’s testosterone producing mechanism slows down. When this happens, there is naturally less testosterone in the body, and when levels drop below a certain threshold, a whole host of health ailments can suddenly present themselves.

Typical low testosterone symptoms include a low libido, lack of motivation, lack of drive, increased body fat, and a depleting muscle mass.

Up until recently, low testosterone sufferers were usually presented with one kind of testosterone replacement therapy or another as a cure for their conditions. The problem with these testosterone replacement therapies is that they expose users to potentially harmful and long-term side-effects.

Things came to a head a few years ago when TRT side-effects hit the headlines. As a result, an increasing number of men started searching for safer alternatives. This is where natural testosterone supplements have enjoyed massive success because they seem to be the most popular choice up until now. The best thing about natural testosterone supplements is that they do not involve administering synthetic versions of testosterone into the body; instead they contain ingredients that work to encourage the body to start producing more of its own natural testosterone.

Pro Tribulus by Infinite Labs is just another example of these testosterone supplements. Pro Tribulus is described as the “athlete’s performance aid” that “supports natural testosterone production.”

Are Pro Tribulus Ingredients Effective?

Tribulus Extract (45% Saponins) is a type of herb that belongs to the Ayurveda family. It has long been used in traditional medicine to help promote male virility and vitality. A number of control studies seem to suggest that this ingredient is a formidable libido enhancer. But in terms of testosterone enhancement, it appears to do very little, and despite the evidence, many testosterone booster manufacturers still seem to claim that it increases testosterone. To prove my point, I looked into existing studies…

Study 1 involved female subjects who were administered with 500 mg of tribulus daily, and in the end, no apparent changes to testosterone could be seen.

Study 2 involved 22 elite level rugby players who were administered with 450 mg of tribulus over the course of five weeks, and again no obvious changes to testosterone were seen.

Study 3 involved 21 male subjects who were administered with 10 mg per every kilogram of body weight of tribulus every day, and once again, no apparent changes to testosterone were noted.

Study 4 saw 63 male subjects being given 6 g of triple is every day over the course of six months. Only minor increases in testosterone were noted.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

I couldn’t find any significant side effects associated with using this product.



Is Pro Tribulus Adequately Priced?

I’m going to keep it real here. This supplement only relies on tribulus terrestris and from my research, I only found one study that noticed very trivial increases in testosterone. The last majority of studies could not find any notable testosterone enhancement.

As a result, if you’re looking for a supplement that will enhance your libido, then by all means I highly recommend this supplement. But if you want to use Pro Tribulus as a testosterone supplement, you will be in for a very big disappointment.

On the plus side, there is no side-effects.

After taking all these supplements into account, although the price-tag of $15.40 seems very cheap, however, it does not afford you any testosterone enhancement.

Pro Tribulus Verdict

PRO TRIBULUS (By Infinite Labs): Review0.5Dr Spring2017-01-24 13:43:40It’s just one of those unfortunate facts of life that many men have to face up to at some stage in their lives, and that’s the issue of low testos…
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