PRO DHEA (By Infinite Labs): Review


What does Pro DHEA do?

Pro DHEA is designed to “promote muscle growth and supports hormone levels”. The primary objective of this product is to build muscle, and the main ingredient is DHEA. Pro DHEA has been developed by the well-known supplement developer, Infinite Labs.

Pro DHEA helps to support overall health, provide increased energy and sense of well-being, enhance the mood and cognitive ability, and promote muscle growth along with hormone support.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

The main featured ingredient in this product is DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). DHEA is a hormone that is known to exert its own benefits, as well as possessing the ability to convert into testosterone or estrogen, depending on what the body requires at the time. DHEA is known to possess anti-ageing properties, although existing evidence is disputed.

Studies on DHEA and its supplementation seem to suggest it may be effective in increasing testosterone in some people. But more importantly, most of the existing studies on DHEA have been carried out on menopausal women, for whom testosterone becomes vital in maintaining their libido.

Massive discrepancies exist on DHEA’s influence on testosterone, and studies involving men are few and far between. Therefore, there is a dire need for further study as to exactly what influence DHEA can have on testosterone in human males.

Are There Any Side Effects? ­­­

We have been unable to uncover any major side-effects that people may have experienced after using Pro DHEA.

Is It Adequately Priced?

There is a huge deficit of knowledge on DHEA’s ability to influence testosterone in human males. As stated earlier, the majority of existing studies have involved menopausal females, in which, DHEA has shown positive signs in influencing testosterone levels. This, on its own, is not a reliable indicator on its effectiveness in males.

By using this product, you can expect marginal increases at the very most, which will not be sufficient enough to provide the many benefits that you may be looking for from increased testosterone.

Therefore, on the basis of uncertainty that exists surrounding this ingredient’s role in enhancing testosterone in men means the very modest price-tag of $8.90 cannot be adequate.

The Verdict

PRO DHEA (By Infinite Labs): Review1.5Dr Spring2014-04-01 10:00:56What does Pro DHEA do?
Pro DHEA is designed to “promote muscle growth and supports hormone levels”. The primary objective of this product is to b…
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