POWERFULL (By USP Labs): Review


What does PowerFULL Do?

PowerFULL is manufactured by the world famous USP labs who are also the creators of a number of other high profile bodybuilding products.  PowerFULL, according to the official USP Labs website describes the product as the “best natural growth hormone releaser” and is apparently backed “by Peer-Reviewed Published University Research Studies”.

PowerFULL’s main functions include supporting growth hormones, and supporting healthy sleep.

Furthermore, USP Labs claims that a study based on “healthy exercise-trained men” found that this product supported healthy growth hormone levels.  A second study found that found that healthy men and women that used PowerFULL for a period of 28 days benefitted from the “sleep-support” element.

Furthermore, men and women that exercised regularly found that by using PowerFULL on a regular basis, their exercise sessions were much more manageable and comfortable.

Some bodybuilders swear by this product because it apparently provides much needed energy during resistance exercises.

Women who take their cardiovascular exercises seriously found that running became much more comfortable.  Achy legs and joints that are felt after a long run should soon become a thing of the past because PowerFULL drastically reduces the recovery times after strenuous workouts.

Testosterone Increase From using PowerFULL

PowerFULL has been very disappointing in respect of testosterone increase.  As is the norm with our product reviews, we arranged for ten “test subjects” to use this product for a period of 28 days.

Three of our subjects had a 60% increase (after four weeks), five subjects had an increase of between 35 – 55% increase and two only experienced a very modest increase of 25%.

If you are looking for a testosterone booster in an attempt to increasing your testosterone levels, PowerFULL is not suited to this requirement.

Strength Increase

PowerFULL performed better in terms of strength increase.  As with all of our testosterone booster reviews, we prefer to use the “bench press” as our testing tool for this purpose.

The results of the strength increase test came back as follows…

Three of our volunteers experienced a massive 60% increase after two weeks of using PowerFULL.  Four guys saw approximately 40% increase and finally the last three guys saw their bench press increase by 40%.

On the whole, the “strength increase” element of PowerFULL is quite respectable.

Effective Fat Burn

Not a single individual noticed any fat burn from using PowerFULL.  We weighed and measured all ten individuals and the only thing of note worth documenting is the muscle mass increase.

The waist sizes did not change all that much.  

Is It Side Effect Free?

PowerFULL is certainly not side effect free.

Eight of our volunteers experienced a reaction of some sort after using PowerFULL.  Two guys suffered from bouts of diarrhea, three suffered from an itchy skin, especially around the shins.

Three individuals experienced an unusual phenomenon to say the least.

Although PowerFULL promotes sleep, three of our individuals woke up day after day (after a fantastic night’s sleep) tired and achy, which should not be the case after natural deep sleep.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

There is a long list of ingredients in PowerFULL and our nutrition expert is certain and none of the ingredients can pose a risk to humans when taken individually.

However, because there are so many ingredients fused into tiny capsules, there is bound to be reactions of some sort, hence why the majority of our subjects suffered from one side effect or another.

Is It Adequately Priced?

PowerFULL normally costs $46.94 for a month’s supply.

This is certainly expensive given the side effects our test subjects endured.  Therefore we feel that PowerFULL is NOT adequately priced! 

The Verdict

POWERFULL (By USP Labs): Review3Dr Spring2013-11-26 11:13:46What does PowerFULL Do?
PowerFULL is manufactured by the world famous USP labs who are also the creators of a number of other high profile bodybuildi…
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