What does Nugenix Testosterone Booster do?

Nugenix Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement that contains “clinically proven ingredients” that will help to enhance the libido, muscle mass, stamina and vitality.

Nugenix Testosterone Booster, according to the manufacturer (Nugenix) was formulated with three specific things in mind, and these were to dramatically increase the sex drive, enhance muscle mass development, and boost “free” testosterone levels within the body.

Thankfully, the manufacturer has honestly affirmed that these “statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration, and this product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease”.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

The main ingredients featured in this product include zinc.

Zinc is essentially a dietary mineral that is concerned with regulating enzymes.

More often than not, this ingredient is supplemented to help reduce the frequency of illness, as well as help to support optimal testosterone levels.

Foods rich in zinc include eggs, legume products, meat and in particular oysters.

Clinical studies have revealed that men who had a high intake of zinc on a regular basis enjoyed healthy testosterone levels, as opposed to men with a zinc deficiency, who were commonly found to suffer from low testosterone.

Fenugreek is a type of plant that is frequently used to enhance the libido.

This plant is commonly found in parts of Arabia and India.

Its uses include blood sugar alleviation, easeing metabolic complications and alleviate symptoms of diseases such as diabetes.

Recent studies have revealed that fenugreek also possesses potent testosterone enhancing properties.

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin that allows for the proper functioning of enzymes.

Studies have shown that vitamin B6 may be useful in maintaining testosterone levels, and not necessarily increasing them.

Vitamin B12 is also (yes you guessed it!) a type of vitamin that is water soluble and plays a number of roles associated with neurology.

Unfortunately, this ingredient bears no relevance to testosterone enhancement whatsoever.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

There have been no reported side-effects from using Nugenix Testosterone Booster.

Is It Adequately Priced?

In order to truly establish whether Nugenix Testosterone Booster is adequately priced, we need to dig down and take a close look at the ingredients.

There is no argument that zinc and fenugreek are effective testosterone announces in their own right, but ingredients such as vitamin B6, which is only useful for maintaining existing testosterone levels, and not necessarily increasing them, and vitamin B12, which has no relevance to testosterone enhancement.

Therefore, although you will experience testosterone enhancement, this will not be on the same level as some of the competing products, which are packed with testosterone enhancing ingredients.

As a result, the price-tag of $69.99 (Walgreens) is way over the mark.

The Verdict

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Nugenix Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement that contains “clinically proven ingredients” tha…
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