ZMA (By Now Sports): Review


What does NOW Sports ZMA Do?

NOW ZMA has been developed by the well-known supplements manufacturer “NOW Foods”.  NOW ZMA is a “synergistic combination of zinc and magnesium” that is designed to maximize the absorption and to help promote quicker recovery in between exercising.

One of the main ingredients in this product is zinc which plays an important role in the regulation of cellular expansion and tissue repair as well as maintaining a healthy immune system.

The secondary ingredient in NOW ZMA is magnesium which is essential for maintaining their electrolyte balance as well as the energy production and normal neuro- muscular function.  Furthermore, NOW ZMA helps to support better sleep.

NOW ZMA is a popular product amongst bodybuilders and athletes alike.  Bodybuilders benefit from the muscle repair elements of this product as well as enjoying the energy boost that is required during strenuous workout sessions.

Some users of NOW ZMA benefit from added boost that is provided to the libido, which essentially increases sexual desire and the frequency of spontaneous erections.  Erection quality is also said to be drastically improved when using this product.

Going by what the official website states about this product, it helps to promote good sleep.  It also makes waking up in the morning a lot easier.  Individuals who may suffer from insomnia have found that NOW ZMA works to alleviate their symptoms.

Testosterone Increase From using NOW Sports ZMA

As with all of our supplement reviews, we arranged for 10 individuals, who have never used testosterone boosting supplements before, to use this product for a period of 28 days.  And with the help of our in-house medical expert, we conducted blood tests to measure any increases in testosterone that may have occurred.

The results in terms of testosterone increase were respectable, but nowhere near as good as some of our top-rated products.

Two individuals saw increases in their testosterone levels by 30%.  Five individuals saw increases in their testosterone levels by 25%, and the remaining three experience increases of between 15 and 25%.

To summarize NOW ZMA in terms of its testosterone boosting qualities, it has to be said that it is nowhere near good enough when compared with the majority of the competing testosterone boosters available today.

Strength Increase From Using NOW Sports ZMA

In regards to increases in strength, again NOW ZMA has shown itself that it is a mediocre product in this regard.

As with all of our supplement reviews, we opted to use the bench press exercise to measure any changes that may have occurred.

Our experts feel that this exercise is a pretty good indicator.

After using this product for a period of 28 days, four of our volunteers managed to increase their resistance weight by no more than 30%, whilst three individuals saw trivial increases of 25%, and the remaining three only managed to increase their maximum weight by a meager 15%.

To summarize this product’s ability to help you increase your strength, it leaves a lot to be desired, especially considering the number of much stronger competitors available to consumers.

Effective Fat Burn

Furthermore, NOW ZMA leaves users “wanting” in this department.  Not a single individual lost any weight or fat during the 28 day dose.

As is normal with this test, we weighed and measured all 10 individuals and we can confirm that no notable weight-loss of fat burn occurred.

If you are looking for a well rounded testosterone boosting supplements that will help you build your muscles, as well as help you to increase your strength and help you to burn excess body fat, I am afraid that this product is a miserable.

Is It Side Effect Free?


Are The Ingredients Safe?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the main ingredients that are used to create the famous ZMA formula include zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

There is nothing to suggest that any of these ingredients could be dangerous for human consumption.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can buy a week’s supply of NOW ZMA for as little as $9.49.

A bargain I hear you say!

But if you multiply the price over a month, it comes close to $40, and thats pretty expensive for a ZMA supplement. On this basis, I must stress that NOW ZMA is not adequately priced.

The Verdict

ZMA (By Now Sports): Review1Dr Spring2013-12-12 14:34:33What does NOW Sports ZMA Do?
NOW ZMA has been developed by the well-known supplements manufacturer “NOW Foods”.  NOW ZMA is a “synergistic com…
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