Okay, you are on the search to discover how to regain your youth and vigor.

This can involve any number of things, including healthy muscle gains, increased libido, increased drive and motivation, improved mental sharpness among other things.

You should know that all these attributes are determined by your testosterone levels.

Your testosterone levels begin to decrease as you age.

It’s time to find a solution, and at present, there are hundreds of products available that claim to replenish your testosterone levels better then what the competition has got to offer.

As a result, you have many options available to you. The medical profession touts testosterone replacement therapy as being the best solution.

Testosterone replacement therapy can expose you to a number of potentially dangerous side-effects, and any competent physician will make this clear at the outset.

You also have the option of using a natural testosterone supplement, which can be purchased without the use of a prescription.

The ingredients used in natural testosterone supplements are “natural” and much safer than the ones used in any of the medically prescribed options.

What Are the Differences between Natural Testosterone Supplements and Testosterone Replacement Therapy?


There are a number of differences between the two types of solutions for your low testosterone problems.

Natural testosterone supplements simply induce the body to produce more testosterone.

Testosterone replacement therapy is created by scientists, in a laboratory environment, and is prescribed by physicians to try and counter a number of health-related issues.

Testosterone replacement therapy is concerned with “pumping” actual testosterone into the body.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Available In a Number of Forms


Testosterone replacement therapy is available in a number of forms, all of which are designed to improve your testosterone levels:

Injections and Implants involvetestosterone being injected directly into the muscles, or implanted in the form of pellets within the soft tissue. The body slowly absorbs the testosterone into the bloodstream.

A Mouth Patch is a tablet that sticks to the upper gums above the incisors. It is applied twice a day and continuously releases testosterone into the bloodstream through the oral tissues.

A Skin Patch is worn on the arm of the upper body and is applied once daily.

And finally, testosterone replacement therapy can also come in the form of a gel.

This gel is absolved directly through the skin when it is applied once a day.

This gel pumps testosterone into the body in intermittent stages, usually dictated by the prescribing physician.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


It is virtually impossible to predict what kind of benefits you can hope to achieve after undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

After all, every man is different.

Some men have reported improved energy levels; enhance sex drive, and a better quality of erections.

Remember, the extra testosterone is bound to assist in increasing bone density, muscle mass and insulin sensitivity in certain men.

Some men have also reported an improvement in their mood, whilst others have not noticed any major changes.

Downsides of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Unfortunately, testosterone replacement therapy comes with a number of side-effects.

Typical side-effects include benign prostatic hypertrophy which involves the prostate growing as a result of the stimulation of testosterone.

In some men, the prostate grows larger with age, and this can result in the squeezing of the tube carrying the urine, disrupting urinary flow.

Prostate cancer can also be triggered by the “alien” testosterone that is pumped into the body.

This can cause the prostate cancer to grow.

Most physicians recommend screening for prostate cancer before committing their patient on a testosterone replacement therapy treatment.

Testosterone replacement therapy can also trigger sleep apnea. Any existing condition may be amplified as a result of this type of treatment.

Erythrocytosis can also develop with the artificial increases in testosterone because of an increase in a red blood cell count, causing the blood to become thicker and more prone to clotting.

And finally, cognitive heart failure is known to develop in some people after undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

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Natural Testosterone Supplements


Natural testosterone supplements are ideal for most men over the age of 20, but are considered to be safe to use for men of all ages.

Natural testosterone supplements are created from natural ingredients, which include a number of vital vitamins that the body requires to produce more testosterone.

As with everything in life, not all natural testosterone supplements will help you achieve the desired effects, but this does not mean that you should expose yourself to some of the more harmful testosterone treatments.

If your chosen natural testosterone supplement is unable to help you achieve the results that you had hoped for, it would be wise to try a different brand, because different products rely on different ingredients.

By researching the right ingredients, you are bound to find the right product for you.

Benefits of Using a Natural Testosterone Supplement


By using a natural testosterone supplement, you can enjoy all of the positive benefits that you would experience if you underwent testosterone replacement therapy.

You can expect to experience incredible energy levels, enhanced libido, firmer erections, an increased ability to maintain concentration, more drive, less body fat and much improved lean muscle mass, amongst other things.

The major benefit of using a natural testosterone supplement is that you would not expose yourself to some of the potentially dangerous side-effects associated with testosterone replacement therapy.

Downsides of Using a Natural Testosterone Supplement


Fortunately, natural testosterone supplements will not expose you to any of the harmful side-effects that testosterone replacement therapies can trigger.

The worst you can expect from using a natural testosterone supplement is its ineffectiveness in enhancing testosterone levels.

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