IS IT LOW T? Signs That Shows You Have Low Testosterone

is it low t

Is it low T? This is becoming a recurring question that we are regularly asked.

We have recently been on overwhelmed with email enquiries asking questions about various symptoms that many of you suffer from, and you want to establish if it has anything to do with low testosterone.

is it low t

As a result, we have decided to dedicate an article to the possible symptoms of low testosterone.

Low Energy Levels

is it low t

Generally, men with low testosterone experience severe fatigue and as a result lose their initiative and drive.

This is despite getting plenty of sleep.

This leads onto other problems such as; finding it hard to get motivated, and even struggling to perform regular daily activities.

Therefore, if you suffer low energy levels on a consistent basis, is it low T?

Most probably yes.

Irregular Sleep Patterns

is it low t

Quite often, low testosterone can be the cause of insomnia, as well as other types of sleep disturbances.

Testosterone boosters can quite often help to regulate the irregularity in sleep patterns, allowing for a more restful sleep.

If you suffer from irregular sleep patterns or have recently developed insomnia, is it low T?

Most probably yes.

Emotional Changes and Depression

is it low t

Numerous studies have suggested that normal levels of testosterone help to keep the mood stabilized.

This can help to balance the professional and personal life.

If you suffer from moods that change like the English weather, is it low T?

Most probably yes.

Reduction in Muscle Mass

is it low t

There is a direct relationship between dropping testosterone levels and a reduction muscle mass.

Testosterone is key to producing strong and healthy muscles.

Testosterone works by binding itself to the vital receptors that live inside the muscle cells.

By doing this, they encourage the muscles to grow.

When your body does not have enough testosterone it will naturally result in reduced muscle mass.

Are you in a situation where your muscles seem to be getting smaller and softer despite working out?

If the answer is yes, this too can be low T.

Difficulties in Maintaining Concentration

is it low t

By using a good, effective natural testosterone booster, you will find that your focus and productivity will quickly return.

Countless men with low testosterone consistently feel too tired to perform even the most menial daily tasks.

If you find it difficult even to make yourself a cup of tea because it seems like “such a chore”, this could have a direct knock-on effect on all other areas of your life.

Is it low T?

Most probably yes.

Lack of Interest in Sex

is it low t

Testosterone is also key to the male libido.  With age, the once healthy sex drive begins to decline.

If you feel that sex is more of a chore than pleasure, this can potentially have devastating consequences on your relationship.

So, could this have anything to do with low T?

Most probably yes.

An Increase in the Body Fat

is it low t

Do you look in the mirror and notice that your muscle mass is not what it used to be, and to make matters even worse, you have started to develop and love handles?

Quite often, a testosterone deficiency will cause body fat to slowly “creep on” making you feel unhealthy and unattractive.

Is it low T?

It probably is, but little regular exercise will only help.

An Increase in Irritability

is it low t

Low testosterone can cause irritability in men.

More often than not, this problem will be easier to spot my friends, peers, colleagues and family than the person concerned.

If this sounds familiar, this can also be a symptom of low testosterone.

Decreased Bone Density

is it low t

Low testosterone can cause bone shrinkage and loss.

This is medically referred to as osteoporosis.

Testosterone plays a vital role in the production and strengthening of the bone structure.

When testosterone levels begin to drop, especially in older men, they become more susceptible to fractures and breakages.

If you happen to be in the situation where you feel that your bones do not feel as strong as they once were, this too can be a result of suffering from low T.

Man Boobs

is it low t

We have all seen some men that seem to have bigger breasts than the average woman.

This is often caused by a hormonal imbalance.  The delicate balance between testosterone and estrogen is not quite right.

Is it low T?

Most definitely YES!

Hair Loss

is it low t

Testosterone plays a vital role in many of the male body’s vital functions including the production and growth of hair.

Hair loss and hormones are directly linked.

Testosterone deficiency can cause the hair follicles to eventually regress and die.

Have you noticed excessive hair loss lately? Is it low T?

Most probably yes.

Poor Memory

is it low t

Studies have revealed that low testosterone can cause a decline in the memory.

Therefore, if you find that you don’t even remember what you did yesterday, this too can be an indicator that you might be suffering from low T.

Luckily, testosterone is quite easily treated these days.

If you prefer to go down the medical route, your doctor will perform a simple blood test that will help him to determine exactly where your testosterone levels are.

If he recommends testosterone treatment, he may offer you the first “shot” there and then.

Or if you do not particularly like needles and prefer an equally effective alternative that doesn’t involve a needle, you might want to consider using a natural testosterone booster.

Remember, by treating your low testosterone you will be able to overcome many of your health problems including your low libido, improving your young general mood and appearance, as well as helping you to feel reinvigorated and back to your “old self”.

Do you feel that you might be suffering from low T?

If so, we would love to hear your experiences and what actions you are taking to overcome these issues.

Please leave your comments in the box below.

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