You probably don’t realize it but a testosterone shortage can ultimately cost you your life.

As well as losing your muscle mass, bone mass and losing your sex drive, research has shown that low testosterone levels increase your chances of getting prostate cancer, heart disease leading to an early death.



Follow our steps which will help with increasing your testosterone levels

Lose the Belly

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It is a fact that as your waist level increases, your testosterone levels decrease.

A four point increase in your body-mass-index (which is roughly about 30 extra pounds on a 5’10” man) can accelerate any age related testosterone decline by 10 years.

We recommend getting yourself into a regular cardiovascular exercise routine and this will help with increasing your testosterone.

Build your Biceps


A recent survey held in Finland discovered that men who lifted weights on a regular basis experienced a 47% boost in their testosterone levels.

According to Dr David Zava, who over saw the study, the more an individual strengthens his muscles the more testosterone the body produces.

We recommend that you pump iron at least twice a week and as well getting stronger, you will be increasing your testosterone levels.

Eat Plenty of Fat!

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Trimming down on fat in your diet can help you stay slim, but by eliminating all fat can actually cause your testosterone levels to dangerously plummet.

A recent student carried out by the International Journal of Sports Medicine has revealed that men who consumed the most fat also tended to have the highest testosterone levels.

In order to protect your heart and preserving or even increasing your testosterone at the same time, we recommend that you eat foods that are high in monounsaturated fats.

Reduce your Alcoholic Intake

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Excessive alcohol can is one of the worst things to affect your testosterone levels.

A recent Dutch study revealed that men who drank moderate amounts of alcohol on a daily basis for a period of three weeks experienced an incredible, 7% decrease in their testosterone levels.

We recommend that you limit your drinking to one or two glasses of beer or wine in order to avoid dropping your testosterone levels.

Cut Down on the Stress


Stress can quickly suppress your testosterone levels.

Stress causes the cortisol in your body to increase which hinders the body’s ability to create testosterone.

According to doctors, cardiovascular exercise is an excellent source of stress-relief.

There you have it!  Our 5 steps to increasing your testosterone levels.

We have kept the content brief so it easy to understand and follow.

A medical condition that leads to an unusual drop in testosterone levels can normally be fixed by taking a supplemental testosterone booster.

Read our reviews on the latest testosterone boosters designed for older men.

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