If you happen to take an interest in bodybuilding, your exercise regime can be greatly enhanced by boosting your testosterone levels.

In normal circumstances, testosterone is a hormone that aids the development of lean muscle and the production of strength, which enables the individual to carry out these exercises.


A lot of seasoned bodybuilders understand the importance of having the right amount of testosterone in their bodies in order for them to be successful bodybuilders; hence they will always be looking for ways to enhancing their testosterone levels.

There are numerous ways of doing this but only a few of these methods are safe.

Sensible bodybuilders will be aware of the artificial sources of testosterone and any side effects that may come with them.

The best sources are natural bodybuilding supplements.

Exercise itself is an excellent way of helping you increase your testosterone levels and here are examples of a few exercises that could help put you in the right direction:

Compound Exercise


In order for you to boost your testosterone levels, it is essential that you increase your workouts by lifting heavier weights and undergoing more intense workout sessions.

To help you do this, you must employ a few different compound exercises because these involve the movement of more than one muscle group at a time.

Good examples of effective compound exercises that are extremely effective for boosting testosterone include dead lifts, shoulder presses, back rows, squats and bench presses (close grip).

Heavy Weights


Many people believe that lifting light weights is good for increasing the endurance of your muscles, but unfortunately, these light weights will not do much to help you increase your testosterone levels.

When you are exercising to increase your testosterone levels, it is important that you lift heavy weights that will only allow you to push between four and six reps per exercise.

This stress on your muscles will trigger the secretion of the hormone testosterone in abundance as opposed to little amounts which mostly contain estrogen.

Cardio Workouts


Losing weight is vital when you wish to increase your testosterone levels.

Excess weight means that there are deposits on your body which encourage the production of estrogen instead of testosterone.

It is important to remember that estrogen is the female dominant hormone and when it is released in the body, it inhibits testosterone production, which allows the body to accumulate fat instead of breaking it down.

It is recommended that you take part in as much cardiovascular training as possible including swimming, running, cycling, rowing, and stair climbing.

Try to do between 45 minutes to an hour every week.

Olympic Lifts


Olympic lifts are an incredibly explosive routine to help you increase your testosterone levels.

Try not to only concentrate on snatch and cleans only, but instead try to include all the variations that will help you increase testosterone in your body.

These are very powerful movements that will ensure the production of growth hormones and testosterone.

It is vital to include dead lifts; upright row, front squats and push press exercises because they will help to improve your form.

Also remember that these exercises can be accompanied by natural supplements and a healthy diet that will favor the production of testosterone and enhance your muscle building.

A medical condition that leads to an unusual drop in testosterone levels can normally be fixed by taking a supplemental testosterone booster.

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