EVOTEST (By BSN): Review


What does EVOTEST Do?

EVOTEST is described on the official website as a “testosterone support matrix”.  It is developed by the world renowned bodybuilding supplements manufacturer BSN.

The main function of this testosterone booster is to build muscle and the main ingredient beinge D-Aspartic Acid.  EVOTEST, according to the manufacturer is a true original in their testosterone support supplement category, offering you “with a concentrated formula available either in tablet or powder form”.

Furthermore, it is designed to fit seamlessly into “any man’s healthy diet and exercise regimen.

The main functions offered by EVOTEST include supporting the production of testosterone “already within the normal range”, this product is (apparently) the world’s first concentrated testosterone support powder that only needs to be taken twice a day.  The website goes on to say that EVOTEST

is a “9 component test matrix”, and each bottle contains a full three week cycle, and is available both in powder and tablet form.

According to the official website, this product is the “reinvention of natural testosterone support” that will essentially change the way consumers think about testosterone support supplements.

It is emphasized that EVOTEST “is moving away from traditional ingredients such as tribulus terrestris” in favor of more novel ingredients such as magnesium oxide and D-Aspartic Acid.

Users can take this product with any other supplement which allows for more choice and flexibility for people that prefer flavored drinks instead of tablets.

Testosterone Increase From using EVOTEST

As with all of our supplement reviews, we arranged for 10 individuals to use this product for a period of 28 days.  We made sure that none of our volunteers had previously used a testosterone booster.

With the help of our in-house medical expert, we conducted the testosterone test.  The results in terms of testosterone increase were quite admirable because five of our volunteers experienced 40% increase in their testosterone levels.

Two saw increases of 35% and 30% and the remaining three also experienced 25%, 20, and 15% increases respectively.

In terms of EVOTEST’s testosterone boosting capabilities, it has proved that it is a leading and effective product in this respect.

Strength Increase From Using EVOTEST

In terms of increases in strength, again, EVOTEST continues to impress because all of the volunteers experienced substantial increases.  As with all of our reviews, we prefer to use the “bench press” exercise to measure any changes that may occur.  We feel that this exercise is a very accurate indicator in this respect.

After using this product for a period of 28 days, we undertook the strength test and their results are as follows… Six volunteers increased their bench this press by a formidable 35%, two volunteers increased their bench press by 30%, and the remaining two increased their bench press weight by 30%.

To summarize EVOTEST in terms of strength increases, it holds more than its own in this regard.

Effective Fat Burn

Although there is nothing to suggest that this product can assist in weight loss of any type, one or two individuals did notice slight decreases to their waistlines.

We weighed and measured all of the volunteers and can confirm that three individuals lost marginal weight. The remaining seven volunteers did not notice any changes whatsoever.

So, if you are looking for a well rounded testosterone booster that helps you to build muscle and strength, as well as burn fat, I am afraid that this product leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Is It Side Effect Free?

Eight individuals that used this product for a period of 28 days experienced one side effect or another.

Three guys experienced morning sickness and itchy backs, a further three guys experienced different degrees of diarrhea, whilst the remaining two guys found it difficult sleeping at night because they felt that EVOTEST stopped them from doing so.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

As stated earlier, the main ingredients in this product include magnesium oxide, and D-aspartic Acid as well as a number of other ingredients that also “sit” in most other leading testosterone boosting supplements.

There is nothing to suggest that any of these ingredients may pose a danger for human consumption.

Nevertheless this does not rule out the possibility of the ingredients changing their “modus operandi” once they are mixed with one another.  This may possibly explain the side-effects that most of our volunteers experienced.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can buy a three week’s worth of supply for around $43.70.

We consider this to be “on the expensive side”, especially when taking into account the sheer number of side-effects that our volunteers were exposed to.

The Verdict

EVOTEST (By BSN): Review3Dr Spring2013-12-10 14:03:15What does EVOTEST Do?
EVOTEST is described on the official website as a “testosterone support matrix”.  It is developed by the world renowned bo…
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