D-Aspartic Acid (by Genomyx): Review


It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the body’s natural testosterone production begins to wane as a person ages. When testosterone production falls below a certain limit, a whole array of health problems can present themselves, even to the healthiest individuals. Low testosterone is known to affect many aspects of well-being including motivation, the sex drive, muscle mass and strength, the ability to remain focused and the list just goes on.

Up until recently, the majority of men suffering from low testosterone were usually prescribed with one form of testosterone replacement therapy or another. But recent years have seen a lot of bad press when it comes to these types of therapies because with the emergence of new evidence, long-term and potentially fatal side-effects can surface.

Thanks to all the negativity surrounding testosterone replacement therapy, natural testosterone supplements have seen a massive surge in demand. Men are actively looking for alternatives because they are simply not prepared to risk any potential side-effects associated with testosterone replacement therapy.

D-Aspartic Acid by Genomyx is just another example of natural testosterone supplements that are constantly being developed and thrown onto the market. D-Aspartic Acid by Genomyx is described as D aspartic acid powder that helps to build muscle and promotes muscle recovery and endurance.

Are D-Aspartic Acid by Genomyx Ingredients Effective?

D-Aspartic Acid (3.1 g): is one form of aspartic acid, and it is known to be a regulator of amino acids that are needed to trigger testosterone synthesis. Numerous studies have suggested that this ingredient is a potent male fertility aid as well as a testosterone enhancer. Unfortunately, studies have also shown that the effects of this ingredient are extremely short lived, usually not lasting longer than a week.

D-aspartic acid works in the central brain region and helps to trigger the release of hormones including the follicle stimulating hormone, the luteinizing hormone and the growth hormone. Furthermore, D aspartic acid also operates inside the testicles where it helps to reduce the “rate-limiting step of testosterone synthesis” which in turn helps to moderately raised testosterone.

The recommended daily dose by experts is between 2000 and 3000 mg. D-Aspartic Acid by Genomyx contains 3.1 g, which is more than suffice for the purposes of testosterone enhancement.

As I’ve mentioned in my other reviews, one-ingredient supplements really limit themselves in terms of what they can truly achieve. Although D aspartic acid is a formidable testosterone enhancing ingredient in its own right, it may not be enough to provide long-lasting results that you are certain to be looking for.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

I couldn’t find any significant side effects associated with using this product.



Is -Aspartic Acid by Genomyx Adequately Priced?

I feel that the price tag of $38.15 is not adequate for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this product does not offer a long-term testosterone enhancement. Secondly you’re only offered one ingredient that plenty of competing brands also offer at fraction of the price.

D-Aspartic Acid by Genomyx Verdict

D-Aspartic Acid (by Genomyx): Review2Dr Spring2017-01-12 12:27:24It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the body’s natural testosterone production begins to wane as a person ages. When testosterone production fal…
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