COR-Performance ZMA (By Cellucor): Review


What does COR-Performance ZMA Do?

COR-Performance ZMA is a product that has been developed by the well-known health supplements developer known as Cellucor.   The official website describes this product as “the most effective ZMA supplement ever”.

The primary objective of this product is to build muscle.  COR-Performance ZMA, according to the official website is the first ever ZMA supplement of its kind “featuring a true clinical dose of ZMA”.

ZMA is a combination of magnesium and zinc which are two essential dietary minerals, along with vitamin B6.  Research has indicated that intense physical training often depletes the essential vitamins that the body requires, and often it is the case that these vitamins and minerals cannot simply be replaced to diet alone.

The website goes on to say that by taking a “ZMA may supplement like COR-Performance ZMA can help you regain your vitamin and mineral intake in order to maximize your results”.

This product features premium and innovative formulas that “you expect from Cellucor”.

Testosterone Increase From using COR-Performance ZMA

As with all our supplement reviews and with the help of our in-house professional experts, we performed the testosterone test.  Furthermore, just like a lot of the reviews we have on this occasion arranged for five individuals to use this product for a period of no less than 28 days.

Our strict requirement requires that all of the volunteers that take part in our supplement reviews have never taken testosterone boosting supplements before.

The results were pretty impressive.  Two of our volunteers experienced a mighty respectable increase of 45% of their testosterone levels.

One individual saw a 40% increase, and the remaining two individuals saw their testosterone levels increase by 35%.  Our testosterone check was carried out on the 28th day of using COR-Performance ZMA.

In terms of testosterone boosting capabilities, COR-Performance ZMA has demonstrated that it is a formidable product because it does exactly what it says on the package.

Strength Increase From Using COR-Performance ZMA

In terms of strength increases, COR-Performance ZMA also continues to impress.  As with all of our strength tests, we prefer to use the “bench-press” exercise because we feel that this is one of the most accurate indicators to show if any notable changes have taken place.

After using COR-Performance ZMA for a period of 28 days all of our volunteers experienced notable increases in their strength.  Two offer the individuals increase their maximum bench-press weight by a respectable 40%, and the remaining three saw increases of between 30 and 35%.

To summarize COR-Performance ZMA in terms of its ability to increase strength has performed admirably and done exactly what the manufacturer claims this product will do.

Effective Fat Burn

I am afraid that COR-Performance ZMA in terms of its fat burning could abilities is very poor.  Not a single volunteer noticed any weight loss, nor did they notice any fact subside from areas of the body.

As part of our process, we do not simply take things at face value. We weighed and measured the five volunteers and can confirm that no notable weight loss or fat loss occurred with any of our individuals.

If you are looking for a well rounded testosterone boosting supplements that performs its primary function in terms of testosterone boosting, as well as its secondary functions which normally is strength increase, as well as its ability to burn fat, then I am afraid that this product only performs two thirds of the job.

Is It Side Effect Free?


Are The Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredients in COR-Performance ZMA contained the ZMA blend which includes vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc.  Other ingredients include tribulus terrestris, GABA and melatonin.

None of these ingredients are considered to be dangerous for frequent human consumption.

However this does not rule out the possibility of the ingredients changing their behavior once they are mixed with one another. This possibly explains the side-effects that all of our five volunteers experienced.

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can pick up a month’s supply of COR-Performance ZMA for around $24.39, which is very reasonable.

The Verdict

COR-Performance ZMA (By Cellucor): Review2.625Dr Spring2013-12-05 20:04:45What does COR-Performance ZMA Do?
COR-Performance ZMA is a product that has been developed by the well-known health supplements developer known as Ce…
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