“IS THIS JUST THE BEGINNING? Man Sues Makers Of Popular Testosterone Treatment”

A Colorado man is in the process of suing the makers of a popular testosterone enhancing drug after suffering a major heart attack.

59-year-old Stephen Nichols, blames his condition on the testosterone enhancement drug called Androgel, which was prescribed to him by his physician.


Further lawsuits targeting the makers of testosterone enhancing drugs have already been filed in other states, including Illinois and Louisiana.

This has triggered the FDA to launch an investigation into the safety of testosterone replacement therapies.

Recent studies looking in to testosterone enhancement treatments have linked them to increased risks of heart problems, stroke and even death.

For a number of years, testosterone replacement therapy has been described as a “wonder drug”, especially for middle-aged men who may be concerned with their declining sexual health and energy levels.

Over 5 million people in the United States alone are currently undergoing one form of testosterone therapy or another.

According to the leading urologist at the University of Colorado hospital, Dr Al Barqawi, testosterone drugs are being overused, and this is partly to due to the overwhelming number of TV adverts promoting “testosterone in a bottle”.

Prescriptions for testosterone therapies have increased more than fivefold in the past few years, easily surpassing Viagra sales.

According to some doctors, using a natural testosterone supplement is a much more “viable and safer alternative” than undergoing most types of testosterone replacement therapies.

Dr Al Barqawi recommends that testosterone therapy should only be used by people who may be severely suffering from low testosterone.

And these treatments should only be carried out under strict medical supervision.

Stephen Nichols describes how he was constantly feeling rundown and decided to go and see his doctor as a result.

His blood tests confirmed that his testosterone levels were dangerously low, and his physician prescribed Androgel.

Roughly 2 years later, he suffered a massive heart attack, but nevertheless, he continued to undergo the testosterone therapy, because his doctor kept prescribing it, and he kept taking it.


By sheer accident, he saw an ad in the local paper for a law firm, which warned of the potential risks of testosterone replacement therapy.

Nichols acted immediately, and called his doctor and instructed him to stop prescribing him his testosterone treatment.

Nichols is currently in the process of suing the makers of Androgel.

According to Nichols’ attorney, Scott Levensten, the manufacturer kept a closely guarded secret in order to protect its “blockbuster drug”, which put patients at risk.

Levensten also represents a Pennsylvania man (wishing to remain anonymous) who was also taking testosterone therapy, which ultimately “ruined his life”.

He asked his doctor about testosterone treatments after he saw a number of TV advertisements.

His doctor immediately prescribed him the testosterone treatment.

A while later, he suffered from a stroke, and now walks with a cane, and describes how “taking out the garbage is like running a marathon”.

Both of these individuals are adamant that they are not trying to “get rich”, they are simply trying to have these testosterone drugs pulled from the shelves, so that other people don’t have to suffer as they have.

Despite Androgel being subject to an FDA investigation, it remains on the shelves.

The manufacturer, AnnVie released a statement which claims that the company is conducting an ongoing and comprehensive approach to monitor the safety of their products.

In order to avoid any pitfalls associated with testosterone replacement therapy, it is worthwhile considering using a natural testosterone supplement.

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