APE (By Athletic Edge Nutrition): Review


What does Ape Do?

Ape stands for “Alpha Performance Enhancer” which assists users to improve their testosterone levels, develop a healthy body composition, and provide “performance support”.

This product has been developed by Athletic Edge Nutrition, who are a well-known bodybuilding and health supplements developer.

According to the manufacturer, most men feel disappointed with their current testosterone booster.

Ape is apparently more than a “narrowly focused testosterone booster”.

This product offers users the luxury of four clinically backed powerful blends that go into this potent supplement.

Ape will help to maximize testosterone production until levels fall within the “healthy zone”.

Ape helps to increase free testosterone by up to 22% within 12 hours of initial ingestion.

Bio available testosterone is increased 1.8 times after a period of eight weeks.

As stated earlier, Ape helps to refine the physique because it supports greater fat loss which becomes apparent after just eight weeks of use.

Furthermore, the “alpha-maleness” is also assisted because Ape helps to support sexual health, “vigor and vitality both in the short-term and long-term”.

Estrogen balance is also a feature of this product, which is very important for gaining a good physique.

Ape will work hard to enhance vascularity, as well as the athletic performance.

It does this by increasing nitric oxide, which in turn increases the blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles.

This benefits the endurance and performance, particularly during high-intensity and repetitive exercise routines.

Testosterone Increase From using Ape

Just like all our testosterone boosting supplement reviews, we arranged for 10 volunteers to use Ape for a period of 28 days.

We appreciate that the 28 day period is not long enough to fully establish all of the benefits that this product apparently offers; nevertheless this review will provide a reasonably accurate indicator as to its performance.

We did everything to ensure that none of our volunteers had used any type of testosterone boosting supplements prior to this trial.

Our in-house physician performed the appropriate blood tests to measure testosterone levels on two occasions.

The first blood test was undertaken before the commencement of this supplement trial, and the second blood test was carried out after the 28 day period.

The results were what we expected, because all of the volunteers experienced an increase of testosterone is by at least 27% after the 28 day period. We consider this increase to be impressive.

Strength Increase From Using Ape

As is the case with all of our strength increase tests, we opted to use the bench press exercise to measure any increases in strength that may have occurred during this trial period.

Again, Ape performed mighty impressively in this department, because the average percentage increase in strength terms was in the excess of 40% which is a very formidable increase.

Fat Burn

In terms of Ape’s fat burning capabilities, only three individuals experienced any notable fat loss after the 28 day period.

Given that the manufacturer claims that Ape helps to “refine your physique”, we were left a little disappointed in this regard.

To confirm our findings, we weighed and measured all 10 volunteers after the 28 day period and can officially confirm that only three individuals experienced minor fat loss.

Therefore, if you are looking for a well rounded testosterone booster that will help you to build muscle as well as increase your strength levels and burn fat, this product fails in the fat burning department.

Is It Side Effect Free?


Are The Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredients in this product that are worth mentioning are Maca Extract which helps to support sexual health, Indole-3-Carbonyl, which is a powerful anti-estrogen agent that naturally occurs in foods such as broccoli as well as other green vegetables.

And finally there is the “Superior Formula” is which is designed to further enhance the optimal male health and testosterone support and this formula includes zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 along with folic acid.

Another unique ingredient in Ape is black pepper extract which helps to absorb the ingredients into the body..

Is It Adequately Priced?

You can pick up a month’s supply of Ape for around $42.99.

Unfortunately, Ape contains a “special formula” which essentially means a “proprietory blend”, which essentially cloaks the precise amount of each ingredient, which is never a good thing.

On this basis, our experts have decided that this product is not adequately priced.

The Verdict

APE (By Athletic Edge Nutrition): Review3.375Dr Spring2013-12-30 12:42:21What does Ape Do?
Ape stands for “Alpha Performance Enhancer” which assists users to improve their testosterone levels, develop a healthy body co…
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