ANIMAL STAK (By Universal Nutrition): Review


What does Animal Stak do?

Animal Stak has been developed by the well-known bodybuilding supplements developer, Universal Nutrition.

The official website describes this product as the “complete anabolic support stack”, and the primary objective is to build muscle.

Animal Stak is a “complete all-round anabolic hormone booster” and has the ability to enhance the output of testosterone and GH through natural means.  Animal Stak contains “specialized hormone amplifiers to help optimize the body’s internal anabolic environment”.

Furthermore, Animal Stak features restorative support nutrients to enhance muscle recovery and repair.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

Animal Stak contains lots of ingredients when compared to most of the supplements.

But for the purpose of this review, we will only look at ingredients that have any correlation to testosterone enhancement.

The main testosterone enhancing ingredients include vitamin B6, which plays a balancing role for the hormones, and it is also believed that it may be effective in enhancing the libido. This ingredient on its own is not capable of increasing testosterone levels.

Magnesium works to aid free and total testosterone levels, as well as enhancing muscle relaxation. Zinc is also an essential nutrient that helps to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Animal Stak contains tribulus terrestris extract.

Tribulus is a type of plant that comes from the Ayurveda plant family. It has been used for generations to aid male vitality and the virility. Tribulus is known to enhance the libido and sexual well-being, without actually having any influence on testosterone levels, and this is probably contrary to a lot of things you may have heard and read.

A number of studies have suggested that testosterone would not be influenced by tribulus supplementation.

LongJack is a recognized agent that helps to promote fertility, as well as provide a number of aphrodisiac effects.

More recent research has uncovered its anti-estrogenic capabilities.

There seems to be a substantial amount of evidence that rebuts claims suggesting LongJack possesses testosterone enhancing properties.

As a matter of fact, studies have revealed, other than providing aphrodisiac effects, helping to increase sperm production, and providing pro-erectile properties, it has no bearing on testosterone levels.

Fenugreek, on the other hand, is more effective in influencing testosterone levels. Fenugreek is occasionally used in bread, and can also be supplemented, and has long been used as a libido enhancer, as well as possessing effective anti-diabetic properties. It has been used in parts of India and the Middle East for generations.

One trial, which involved 30 male subjects, who were supplemented with 500 mg of fenugreek over a period of six months, experienced substantial increases in their testosterone levels.

Stinging nettle root is known to reduce sniffles. Clinical trials looking at its effects on testosterone have resulted in a mixed bag of results.

One study, which involved 550 patients, looked at stinging nettle’s effects on testosterone levels, noticed no changes to have occurred (after a 120 mg supplementation, three times a day).

Furthermore, subsequent tests, revealed noticeable increases in testosterone after a similar dosage was administered over a period of three months. The discrepancy in the results seems to suggest that further study is required in definitively determining stinging nettle’s affect on testosterone levels.

Maca is a type vegetable from the broccoli family. It is commonly grown in parts of Peru, where it has been used as an aphrodisiac for decades. It is known to help increase sexual desire in both genders, but there is a noticeable absence of evidence to suggest that it interacts with any additional hormones.

One study, over a 12 week period failed to identify any changes in testosterone levels. Furthermore, subsequent studies also resulted in similar disappointing results. Despite maca’s lack of influence on testosterone, many supplement developers persist in claiming that it is in fact effective in elevating testosterone levels.

And finally, L-Dopa is a recognized precursor to dopamine. L-Dopa supplementation increases dopamine levels, and is quite often used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Mucuna pruriens are known to be rich in L-Dopa.

Currently, there is not enough human research carried out on L-Dopa on human subjects looking at its effects on testosterone levels. Preliminary animal testing on rodents has displayed signs of increases in circulating testosterone in as little as 14 days. A different study involving Japanese quails also pointed to increases in testosterone.

Despite the positive results involving animals, L-Dopa’s influence on testosterone levels in humans remains uncertain.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

A number of side-effects have been reported including acne, insomina and accelerated hair loss to name a few.

Is It Adequately Priced?

Animal Stak contains a number of effective testosterone enhancing ingredients such as vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, fenugreek, stinging nettle root (to a certain extent), and L-Dopa (which still lacks clinical evidence on its effectiveness on humans, but we will give it the benefit of doubt). These ingredients will ensure respectable testosterone gains.

But there are also a number of ingredients that are often touted as possessing testosterone enhancing properties such as tribulus terrestris, LongJack, and maca, which are in fact proven to be ineffective in influencing testosterone.

Finally, and unfortunately for Animal Stak, it is reported to be responsible for a number of side effects. On this basis, the price-tag of $34.99 is not adequate.

The Verdict

ANIMAL STAK (By Universal Nutrition): Review2.875Dr Spring2013-12-03 13:30:42What does Animal Stak do?
Animal Stak has been developed by the well-known bodybuilding supplements developer, Universal Nutrition.

The official w…

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