ALPHATEST (by MuscleTech): Review


AlphaTest is packaged as a powerful testosterone booster containing the best ingredients, as recommended by “human clinical studies”.

AlphaTest contains “boron citrate” that apparently provides a precise dose of “boron” which assists in testosterone production and suppresses estradiol levels in just seven days.

AlphaTest also works to increase the body’s overall testosterone levels.

Finally, the manufacturer claims that people who indulge in physical exercise will experience an “enhanced performance” whilst working out.

Testosterone Increase From using AlphaTest

We gathered ten individuals for the purpose of this review and in regards to testosterone increase; the results were pretty impressive to say the least.

Four individuals saw an almost 100% increase in their testosterone levels, three individuals found an 80% increase, and the last three had their testosterone levels increase by 75%.

In conclusion, AlphaTest is a very effective testosterone booster in terms of testosterone increase.

In this regards, it definitely fairs alongside our top rated testosterone boosters.

Strength Increase

For this test, as with a lot of our other reviews, we prefer to use the bench-press as our “measuring tool” because this exercise is an accurate measurement of strength.

Again, as with the testosterone increase, AlphaTest presents some impressive results.

The results are as follows (after two weeks of use):

  1. Gareth:  Increased his bench press from 125kg to 145kg
  2. Steve: Increased his bench press from 130kg to 160kg
  3. Salvador: Increased his bench press from 145kg to 170kg
  4. Bobby: Increase his bench press from 130kg to 150kg
  5. Benjamin: Increased his bench press from 115kg to 130kg
  6. Jack: Did not notice any change
  7. James: Increased his bench press from 85kg to 110kg
  8. Patrick: Increased his bench press from 100kg to 130kg
  9. Antoine:  Increased his bench press from 110kg to 140kg
  10. Stellios : Did not notice any change

As you can see that AlphaTest in terms of strength increases is a formidable testosterone booster.

Apart from two individuals in our study, eight men experienced a considerable increase in strength.

Effective Fat Burn

Four individuals noticed fat reduction on their bodies.

After weighing these subjects there was no apparent drop in weight, nor did these individuals noticed any changes to how their clothes felt.

We suspect that the apparent fat burn maybe a “psychological” effect.

Is It Side Effect Free?

Nine of our users experienced one thing or another. These side effects ranged from diarrhea to mild headaches.

Are The Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredients in AlphaTest include Zinc, Testosterone Stimulant Complex, and rhodiola extract.

We believe that he testosterone stimulant complex maybe the problem ingredient in this product which has resulted in a number of side effects.

Is It Adequately Priced?

AlphaTest costs $66.85 for a month’s supply. Ingredients that hide behind “blends” usually tend to be underdosed, I’m not saying they are, but who knows? Because the exact quantities are undisclosed.

The reward to risk ratio in terms of price and side effects and lack of ingredient-transparency render AlphaTest inadequately priced in our official opinion.

The Verdict

ALPHATEST (by MuscleTech): Review3.75Dr Spring2013-11-12 22:54:14AlphaTest is packaged as a powerful testosterone booster containing the best ingredients, as recommended by “human clinical studies”.


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