4DN ASPARTIC ACID (4 Dimension Nutrition): Review


Low testosterone supplements have really made their mark over the last few years.

As testosterone replacement therapy is having a torrid time in the press due to a growing list of lawsuits, consumers have been looking elsewhere…

And this is where natural testosterone supplement manufacturers are really making their mark.

Studies looking into testosterone enhancing ingredients have increased almost 10 fold, compared to five years ago, and as a result, a number of “stock” testosterone ingredients are consistently used.

One of these ingredients is D-aspartic acid. The product in question, 4DN D-Aspartic Acid relies solely on this ingredient.

So just how effective can 4DN’s reliance on one ingredient actually be?

Are 4DN D-Aspartic Acid Ingredients Effective?

D-aspartic acid can best be described as a regulator of amino acids required for testosterone synthesis. Repeated studies have shown this ingredient’s remarkable ability to aid male fertility, and also increase testosterone.

D-aspartic acid comes in two forms:

  • D-aspartic
  • L-aspartate

The benefits of D-aspartic acid are unique to it, in other words, what D-aspartic acid offers, L-aspartate doesn’t.

According to researchers, D-aspartic acid has shown to aid increases in testosterone in infertile men, as well as athletes.

Unfortunately, effects lasted no longer than a week in healthy subjects, and testosterone levels returned to where they were prior to supplementation.

This ingredient operates in the central brain area, and triggers the release of certain hormones including growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and the luteinizing hormone.

D-aspartic acid is also known to operate inside the testicles where it suppresses a process called “rate-limiting step of testosterone synthesis”, which is known to cause trivial increases in testosterone.

The recommended dosage can range anything between 2000-3000 mg daily.

4DN D-Aspartic Acid contains 3000 mg which is on the top end of the recommended daily amount.

After reviewing literally dozens of products, I haven’t found a one “ingredienter” that will fulfill all the requirements needed for comprehensive testosterone enhancement.

Going by what studies are suggesting, although D-aspartic acid is a formidable tool to help you increase testosterone, it works best when it is aided by accompanying ingredients that will not only help to increase testosterone, they will help to suppress estrogen, help with nutrient absorption, help with maintaining testosterone levels over a period of time, and 4DN D-Aspartic Acid fails to do all of this.

To make matters even worse, any testosterone enhancement appears to last no longer than a week.

Are There Any Side Effects?­­­

D-aspartic acid is not really known for triggering any notable side-effects.

Is 4DN D-Aspartic Acid Adequately Priced?

The price tag of $15.99 seems quite reasonable but if you are looking for comprehensive long-term increases in testosterone, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Look at it this way, you would have to use this product daily and long term to sustain any increases in your testosterone levels, and with 67 servings per container, you will be spending a lot more than $15.99 a month to notice any real changes.

Taking these factors into account, I don’t feel this product is adequately priced.

The Verdict

4DN ASPARTIC ACID (4 Dimension Nutrition): Review2Dr Spring2016-03-15 14:59:55Low testosterone supplements have really made their mark over the last few years.

As testosterone replacement therapy is having a torrid time in th…

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